Ike, Pere, Adekunle, Angel, Seyi, and Lucy Up for Eviction From The Big Brother Naija House


After a grueling head of house challenge, a dramatic black envelope challenge, and an eviction nomination, 6 housemates are up for possible eviction from the show. Read on to see how it happened.

Big Brother Naija Week 6 Head of House Challenge

Doyin wins the Week 6 Big Brother Naija All Stars head of house challenge. With the win, she gained immunity from possible eviction in the week.

The head of house game started with a simple tower-building task. The housemates were tasked to build a tower with magnetic bars. Six housemates who built the tallest towers in the shortest time qualified for the next round. They were Ike, Seyi, Adekunle, Mercy, Cross, and Doyin.

The second round was a difficult game of resilience. Doyin was the most resilient, and she was crowned the head of house.

Big Brother Naija Week 6 Black Envelope Challenge

Alex got immunity from the Week 6 Black Envelope Challenge despite not finding any of the black envelopes.

The black envelope challenge is one of the new twists of the Big Brother Naija All Stars season. Biggie hides black envelopes in the house for the housemates to find. Any housemate who finds a black envelope claims its content, which often includes immunity.

However, this week’s black envelope challenge was a shocker. Prince Nelson, Venita, and Mercy found the three black envelopes.

  • The content of Mercy’s envelope was “No Immunity”
  • The content of Venita’s envelope was “You have won a riddle – What goes up and never comes down”
  • The content of Prince’s envelope was “Immunity for one housemate. You can pick anyone except yourself”

So, instead of winning immunity, Prince won the right to gift someone else immunity. He chose Alex. So, Alex automatically got immunity from the week’s eviction.

See the lovely moment Alex won immunity from the week’s eviction nominations courtesy of Prince Nelson:

Big Brother Naija Week 6 Eviction Nomination 

In previous weeks, the housemates were asked to nominate someone for possible immunity from the week’s eviction. But in week 6, Big Brother reverted back to the old format and asked the housemates to nominate three persons for possible eviction.

They were to nominate 2 people from the housemates who started the show and 1 person from the housemates who later joined the show. However, they could not nominate the immunity holders – Doyin (the head of house) and Alex (the Black Envelope challenge winner).

After nominations, the housemates nominated for possible eviction (and the number of nominations they got) are:

Original Housemates

  • Adekunle – 5 
  • Seyi – 5
  • Ike – 4
  • Angel – 4
  • Pere – 4
  • Ilebaye – 3
  • Whitemoney – 2
  • Venita – 2
  • Mercy Eke – 1
  • Kim Oprah – 1

New Housemates

  • Lucy – 6
  • Prince – 5
  • Sholzy – 3

Note: The four house guests did not vote.

Of the original housemates, Adekunle (5), Seyi (5), Ike (4), Angel (4), and Pere (4) had the most nominations. Of the new housemates, Lucy (6) had the most nominations.  

Thus, Big Brother called six of them out as the housemates up for possible eviction from the show.

Big Brother Naija nominated housemates

However, know that Lucy is a houseguest and not a real housemate. So, viewers cannot vote for her to remain in the show. However, it remains to be seen whether Big Brother will remove her from the show during the Sunday live eviction show.

Final Thoughts

So, Adekunle, Seyi, Ike, Angel, Pere, and Lucy are up for possible eviction from the Big Brother Naija All Stars season. Who do you think will survive eviction on Sunday? 

Let us know what you think!


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