Doyin Is Resilient And Courageous – Fans React as Doyin Wins Big Brother Naija Head of House


The Big Brother Naija All Stars show had its 6th Head of House game this Monday (August 28, 2023), and Doyin emerged victorious in the game of resilience. See how Doyin won!

The First Round of the Big Brother Naija Head of House Game

All 15 housemates and 4 houseguests participated in the first round of games. 

The game involved using a bamboo stick with a sticky end to pick up some magnetic bars and then using the bars to build a tower. 

The housemates were given seven minutes to play the game. The six housemates who built the tallest tower in the quickest time would qualify for the next round.

After the first round of games, the six qualifying housemates were:

  • Ike
  • Mercy Eke
  • Adekunle
  • Cross
  • Doyin
  • Seyi

The Second Round of the Big Brother Naija Head of House game

While the qualified housemates were expecting to play the same game in the second round, Biggie came with a twist. He introduced a new game of resilience. 

The game involved standing on one leg and using the other leg to hold down one end of a seesaw beam. The other end of the beam carried a wooden block.

Releasing your leg from the beam means the block on the other end will fall off. Any housemate whose block falls off his/her beam is out of the game. 

When the six housemates started, it didn’t take long before Ike dropped his block and was out of the game. Seyi was next, and then Mercy and Adekunle. Thus, Cross and Doyin were the final two.

While Cross was staggering a bit, he soldiered on. However, Doyin was so calm and balanced that she stood like a statue. It was an impressive showing from her, one that many viewers noticed and commended her for.

However, Cross would not let go to hand her the victory.

Noticing that Cross was not giving up, Doyin negotiated with Cross to let her win. She promised to give Cross anything he wanted if he’ll let go of his beam and let her win the challenge.

Cross initially declined her offer. Then Doyin told him she was ready to die on the stake. Adding that Cross should accept her offer or be ready for a long battle because she’s not giving up.

Cross finally bulged and asked Doyin for two BFF slots as his condition for letting go. Doyin accepted. Cross dropped his beam, and Doyin became the new Head of House.

See the video of Doyin negotiating with Cross:

Fans React to Doyin’s Win of the Big Brother Naija Head of House Game

Fans were very impressed with Doyin’s show of resilience to win the game, especially given the fact that she seemed unfazed.

See how fans reacted:

@jIdaIKO says it’s time people start giving Doyin some respect

Big Brother Naija Doyin deserves respect

@2muchAkanni described Doyin with the words “Resilience. Fighter. A very determined human”

Big Brother Naija Doyin is head of house

@Fswglory says Doyin proved to us that her mind exercises more than anything else

@LizzyIdowu2 says Doyin was resilient and courageous

@miss_seun6 says Doyin was really needs Doyin’s mindset because “Doyin was ready to die there”

@steadystepps described Doyin’s exploits as “the power of the mind”

Final Thoughts

Doyin really showed that she’s strong both physically and mentally. Her show of strength and resilience is nothing short of impressive.

She’s also very fortunate to win the Head-of-House game and gain immunity from the week’s possible eviction. This is because Big Brother reverted to the old format of nominations where housemates nominated someone for possible eviction. Given that she’s one of the least loved in the house, she would have been up for possible eviction.

What do you think of Doyin’s emergence as the Head of House? Let us know in the comments section!


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