BBNaija Laycon called Laycorn and dragged him to pieces


BBNaija Laycon was dragged to pieces over a message he posted on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). See the message and how people reacted!

It’s an understatement to say Laycon is loved and has a large following. Not only is Laycon a past winner of the popular BBNaija show. But he set the record for the largest win percentage in the history of the show. Laycon won the Shine Ya Eye BBNaija season with 60% of viewers’ votes, with the first runner-up (Dorathy) amassing only 21.85% of votes.

However, it seems Laycon turned a lot of those followers against himself with his recent post on X.

BBNaija Laycon’s post

In the evening of the 16th day of October 2023, Laycon posted the following on X:

Abeg wait ooo… so there are people (Nigerians, living in Nigeria) actively hoping and praying for things not to get better in this country because their preferred candidate isn’t the current president.

BBNaija Laycon tweet

People’s reaction to BBNaija Laycon’s post

It’s not news that many Nigerian youths still question the legitimacy of the newly installed president of the country (Bola Ahmed Tinubu).

Laycon’s post was interpreted as support for the presidency of Bola Ahmed Tinubu. For this reason, he got on the receiving end of some attacks. See some reactions below:

@234_genius reacted: “Music you fit do, common sense com hard for you”

@Dnpassion reacted: “So na their prayers make inflation raise to 26%. Mumu”

@ThatNaijaGuy001 reacted: “The corn you are eating @itsLaycon will soon finish”

@FruityofAbuja reacted: “No wonder Erica called you a drumstick because you dey reason like drumstick. Werey, is it our prayers that increased fuel price? Nonsense and agbado”

@OnwukaDaniel1 reacted: “It is because of people like you Abraham Lincoln said ‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt’”

@sire_sommy reacted: “Only one tweet, all it takes is one tweet! All the echo in an empty skull will just come out banging! One tweet!”

@Mykoladoo reacted: “This [corn icon] is laid. LayCorn talking trash. Are you also dubious in your dealings? You forged any certificate? Are you a lady? Lied under oath? Stole someone identity? Dealing in narco or a dealer”

@theo_enakhe reacted: “Laycon leave politics. Everyone is praying for things to get better and it starts from having credible men as leaders”

@Eseohen2707 reacted: “You just open your mouth waaaaaa to spill rubbish. Mtcheew”

@blessed-ajoke reacted: “Truth is bitter. Instead of us to join hands in calling a spade a spade you are still of the opinion that people wishes for things not to get better. Yeye, who no like better thing. Embrace the truth and facts. The government has failed us.”

@VivienVivicoko reacted: “Nonsense talk. There’s no government on earth that doesn’t have oppositions, but they are expected to perform. Is everyone in America supporting Biden? Is this going to be the new excuse”

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, Laycon did not help his brand by wading into politics, especially by seemingly supporting a president whom many currently challenge his legitimacy. 

What do you think about Laycon’s post and people’s reaction to it? Let us know! 


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