BBNaija AdeNita Dinner Date Turns Breakup Date


The BBNaija All Stars housemates have given viewers a lot to talk about. The premium drama has ranged from love to fights and everything in between. One of the love stories that started in the house is the AdeNita ship (the relationship between Adekunle and Venita). While viewers expected the “ship” to sail, it met an unexpected end. 

See how the erstwhile beautiful AdeNita “ship” took an unexpected end.

How the BBNaija All Stars AdeNita Ship Started

A few weeks into the show, Venita revealed that she found Adekunle attractive.

BBNaija All Stars AdeNita

She told Big Brother in one of her diary room sessions that she likes Adekunle because he’s smart, and she wants to have something with him. After her revelation, they quickly defined things and became inseparable. They were always together, whether they were cooking, eating, sleeping, cuddling, etc. 

Though they had their rocky moments, the ship always seemed to pull through as the couple would settle and come back together. 

How the BBNaija AdeNita Ship Sunk

What was meant to be a romantic dinner date to consolidate their love turned out to be their break-up dinner.

When Big Brother gave the housemates an opportunity to shop with their Moniepoint coins, Venita bought a “dinner date for 2”. Unfortunately for the couple, the dinner came at a very wrong time.

The dinner was scheduled for Friday night, a day the couple were having one of those rocky moments. They had been at loggerheads all day, not talking to each other or even acknowledging each other. 

One wonders how two people who were practically avoiding themselves all day could then sit down together for a romantic dinner.

Adekunle didn’t eat, saying he would rather watch Venita eat. Before long, Venita made it known she was irritated with the whole situation. Being strong-willed people, they couldn’t iron out their differences. Then Adekunle walked out of the dinner date.

See a short video of the AdeNita dinner date:

When Venita walked into the lounge, she announced to all and sundry that the dinner date sucked. The housemates were all shocked at that revelation. 

She changed her outfit, entered the toilet, and started crying while Angel consoled her.

Final Thoughts 

Most Big Brother housemates feel that being in a relationship with someone in the house can keep them in the game. That is why some of them form relationships either for love or strategy. Many viewers have questioned if the AdeNita Ship is real or a strategy.

What are your thoughts about the ship? What do you think about the dinner that turned sour?

Do you think it was a mutual or one-sided relationship? Let us know your views in the comments section!


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