Mercy Eke: From Naive Little Girl to Highlight Queen of Big Brother Naija


Big Brother Naija star Mercy Eke has revealed that she came into the Big Brother house as a naive little girl.

The Big Brother Naija All Stars season has lasted only a couple of days, but housemates have already served plenty of excitement. The Big Brother Naija All Stars diary sessions have been both interesting and revealing.

Mercy Eke’s diary session, in particular, was thrilling. Mercy Eke was the first female winner of the BBNaija show when she won the Pepper Dem season.

She won the show by winning viewers’ hearts with her interesting highlights that included love and “vawulence,” and everything in between. This run in the show earned her the moniker “Queen of Highlights” 

However, in her first diary session in the Big Brother Naija All Stars season, Mercy revealed she was the opposite of a Queen of highlights when she stepped into the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem house.

Key points from Mercy Eke’s first Diary Session in the BBN All Stars Season

  • Mercy Eke grew from a naive little girl to a highlight queen
  • Tacha, Laycon, and past housemates not in All Stars season are no longer relevant
  • There’s no going back on Ike

Mercy Eke’s First Diary Session in the Big Brother Naija All Stars 

In their first diary session, Big Brother asked the housemates to relate their experiences of the first time they were in the show.

Then Mercy made the revelation!

Mercy Eke: When I went to the Pepper Dem season 4 years ago. I went in as a little naive girl.”

She added that she didn’t know what the next day would be but that she kept going. Then as her fans will have it, she won the show.

How she feels to be back in the Big Brother Naija house

Big Brother also asked her how she felt to be back on the reality TV show as an “All Star.”

She said it’s a thing of honor to be chosen, then added, “It means we’re still relevant”.

In other words, any former BBNaija housemate that is not part of the Big Brother Naija All Stars Season is no longer relevant. 

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Her relationship with Ike in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house

Big Brother also asked her which housemate she was most surprised to see in the house.

In answering this question, she touched on her relationship with Ike. Who can forget the love between those two during the Pepper Dem season and even after they left the show?

Mercy Eke answered: 

I was most surprised to see Ike. This is because I had a relationship with him, but it ended badly. We broke up. We moved on and even stopped talking. Coming here to see him, I was like, how will I be in the same house with someone I don’t talk to?

I have to condition my mind to accommodate whatever that comes. I didn’t know if it would be good or bad. But we are talking now.

Big Brother further asked her, “Could it be an opportunity to mend any broken bridge?”

Mercy replied with an emphatic “No.” I don’t think there’s any broken bridge to be mended. We have moved on.


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