Big Brother Naija All stars season unpredictable – former winner evicted.


Big Brother Naija

8 All stars have been one season that one cannot predict. When the host Ebuka Obi Uchendu introduced the housemates at the beginning of the season. The two previous winners that were invited caused a lot of controversy both from fellow housemates and fans. Most people questioned the rationale behind bringing previous winners in the house while few others saw nothing wrong with it.

WhiteMoney In the Show 

WhiteMoney came to the show but unlike Shine ya eye season that he won many viewers heart with his kind gesture he showered on his fellow housemates and his hilarious nature. He came to strictly to promote his music and other talents. In addition to that he was also funny and kind to the housemates. He hardly gets angry. On Saturday parties,he has a way of making it fun with his dance steps.

WhiteMoney’s eviction.

One will think that WhiteMoney being one of the previous winners will at least be among top 5 but that did not happen. Though he said it over and over that he didn’t come to win but to showcase himself and talents more. It was shocking that WhiteMoney appeared on bottom 3 for 2 consecutive weeks.

Week 7 most fans were accusing Big Brother that it was because WhiteMoney was the next to leave, that’s the reason he didn’t evict him that day. In week 8 he appeared at bottom 3 again which led to his eviction.

Final Thoughts 

WhiteMoney eviction shows that anything can happen in the show. Anybody can leave regardless of the number of followers you have. Now that WhiteMoney have left, what do you think about Mercy Eke?

Do you think she stands a chance? 

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