BBNaija All Stars: Doyin Evicted, WhiteMoney in Potopoto


Doyin was evicted from the BBNaija All Stars season during the Week 7 eviction Sunday, and Whitemoney was in the bottom two. See how viewers voted!

BBNaija All Stars Week 7 Eviction Show – The lineup

Another housemate was evicted from the Big Brother Naija All Stars show during the Week 7 eviction, and it’s no surprise who it was.

Given the lineup of the housemates that were up for possible eviction in Week 7, everyone suspected that Doyin would be sent packing. And she was.

She was up against Whitemoney, Venita, and Ilebaye.

BBNaija All Stars Week 7 eviction lineup

Whitemoney is a previous winner, so he has a lot of fans. Venita (who went very far during her first time in the show) is in a “ship” with Adekunle (who got to the final the first time he was in the show). So, it was expected that she’d pull enough votes from two fanbases to survive. 

Then, there’s Ilebaye, who has managed to win viewers’ hearts this season and is even touted as a possible winner of the show.

So, given the lineup, Doyin (the former Head of House) really stood no chance.

How the BBNaija All Stars viewers voted in Week 7

While it was no surprise that Doyin was evicted from the show, the voting statistics was very surprising.

The bottom three housemates were Venita, Whitemoney, and Doyin

  • Venita got 26.16% of the votes
  • Whitemoney got 17.22% of the votes
  • Doyin got 17% of the votes
BBNaija All Stars Week 7 voting stat

By virtue of having the least amount of votes, Doyin got evicted from the house. 

However, the statistics had two huge surprises:

  1. Whitemoney was second from the bottom.
  2. Whitemoney passed Doyin with only 0.22% of votes.

Being second from bottom meant that if there had been a double eviction, Whitemoney would have been evicted. That would have been a shocker! Being that Whitemoney ran away with the votes the first time he was in the show, no one expected to find his name anywhere near the bottom of the voting stats.

Also, Whitemoney surpassed Doyin with just 0.22% of votes. That is Doyin, who people in the house did not rate. If Doyin’s fans had pushed just a little bit harder, who knows what would’ve happened?

How fans reacted to the BBNaija All Stars Week 7 eviction stat

Suffice it to say that viewers were shocked. See as they expressed their thoughts on X (formerly Twitter):

@TumininnuuMary says: “So Ilebaye has more fans than Whitemoney who thinks he’s the show?

@Ibilethofrosh11 says: “Wow!! So if they evicted two people, Whitemoney would’ve gone. Omo!! Y’all respect Islanders. They really came through for Venita. Doyin is right after all

@a_light_piece says: “Whitemoney was purposely saved and I don’t know why

@ObiechinaVivian says: “Omo Whitemoney at bottom 3. This one shock me. Never get comfortable playing safe just because you were once a winner

@instablog9ja says “Here’s how y’all voted this week. Whitemoney in the photo poto

Final Thoughts on the BBNaija All Stars Week 7 Eviction

While many people predicted Doyin’s eviction, no one saw Whtemoney being in the bottom 2.

This might mean that despite his confidence, Whitemoney’s chances of winning the show this time are slim. What do you think of the eviction? Let us know!


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