Big Brother Naija All Stars: Angel seeks voluntary exit after clash with Ilebaye (video)


When the Big Brother Naija All Stars housemates were revealed, no one rated Ilebaye. But the Gen Z Baddie, as she calls herself, has made the show her own by reeling out content every other day.

Her latest is a clash with Angel, which made the latter consider asking for a voluntary exit from the show. See how it happened!

Ilebaye’s Journey in the Big Brother Naija All Stars House

Given the profile of many of the other 20 housemates in the Big Brother Naija All Stars season, Ilebaye was one of the underdogs – someone who people didn’t rate.

Surprisingly, she’s been the most talked about housemate in the show both in the house (amongst the housemates) and outside (amongst the viewers). Ilebaye has been “pressing necks” since she got into the show.

Ilebaye arguably came into the house playing “the baby of the house” script. But she quickly exploded and explored love interests. It started with Kiddwaya, segued to Whitemoney, before ending with Neo.

This seeming “flirting” didn’t sit well with many of the housemates. Sadly, the “ship” with Neo sank even before it sailed and exploded into flames that nearly consumed the house.

Ilebaye clashed with Tolanibaj on account of Neo.

Then she clashed with Neo.

Then she clashed with Venita when the latter sided with her cousin (Neo).

Venita conspired with her group (which includes Mercy Eke) to always nominate Ilebaye until she’s evicted.

Ilebaye’s journey has been dramatic from day 1. As one Twitter user puts it:

No single person has given highlights like Ilebaye in this you people’s show. There’s almost no day her name is not on the streets. She has given fight, guts, tears, sleep, and more. Vote Ilebaye abeg. An entertaining Queen

Big Brother Naija Ilebaye is an entertaining queen

Ilebaye and Angel – the latest clash in Big Brother Naija All Stars

The latest altercation in the house involved… (your guess is as good as ours).

Ilebaye and Angel were at it after their Guinness task, where Ilebaye shined brightly like the star she is.

Angel claimed that Ilebaye was peeling her face paint over the items in her open box, and when she called Ilebaye’s attention to it, Ilebaye said she should close her box.

Ilebaye claimed that Angel had been looking at her badly all day and simply looking for an opportunity to pick up a fight with her.

They angrily shouted at each other, hurled insults, and almost engaged each other physically.

Watch the video of the clash:

Aftermath of the Ilebaye and Angel clash in the Big Brother Naija house

Interestingly, the reaction of Ilebaye and Angel to the clash was miles apart.

Angel seeks voluntary exit after the clash

The clash seemed to rock Angel badly, as she was inconsolable afterwards. She cried as she explained to Mercy and Venita what had happened.

She said the house was draining her mentally, and she couldn’t stay around any longer. Then she began packing her bags, saying she’ll request a voluntary exit from the show.

Mercy Eke and Venita tried talking her out of her voluntary exit plan. They succeeded because Angel is still in the show. 

Ilebaye was without a worry after the clash

The clash with Angel didn’t throw Ilebaye off (or so she made it appear). 

She simply went to the kitchen, dished food, sat in the dining area, and ate like nothing happened. She wore an ice-cold face as she munched her meal without a care in the world.

After eating, Ilebaye did say that she is misunderstood in the Big Brother Naija house. She compared her situation to that of Tacha. She said the housemates do not like her, just like Pepper Dem housemates didn’t like Tacha during her time.

Final Thoughts

Ilebaye seems to be the main talking point of the Big Brother Naija All Stars season. Many claim Ilebaye is the one giving the show traction and therefore outshining the more popular and established housemates in the show.

What do you think?


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