Gen Z Baddie Pressing Necks in Big Brother Naija All Stars House


Big Brother Naija All Stars have kept our eyes glued to the screen. The show never ceases to disappoint fans with lots of love, drama, and “gbas gbos.”

Fans of the show knew drama would eventually come. But what they didn’t know is that the drama will be served by Ilebaye – the self-acclaimed Gen Z baddie.

Given the profile of many of the 20 housemates of the Big Brother Naija All Stars season, no one expected Ilebaye to be the one bringing the juicy stuff. After all, she left the Level Up season after just three weeks, so she was never the focus of attention in the season or the reunion that followed.

Ilebaye fired up in the Big Brother Naija All Stars season

The embers that caused the fiery drama is Ilebaye’s journey with the men in the house.

Ilebaye was very friendly with Kiddwaya, creating the impression that she wanted a relationship with him. But surprisingly, she spoke to WhiteMoney about having feelings for him.

WhiteMoney wasn’t having it. He told her he didn’t think the feeling was real but a strategy. Then Ilebaye seemingly moved to Neo.

This journey from Kidd to Neo made Ilebaye the talk of the house. The housemates’ incessant criticism even made Doyin call out many of them for bullying Ilebaye (something many viewers agree with).

Then the first fiery clash happened!

Ilebaye and TolaniBaj

Ilebaye went to Neo’s bed to have a conversation (upon Neo’s invitation). 

Tolanibaj came to them and told Neo to tell Ilebaye to leave. T-Baj went further to drag off the duvet they covered with, then threw obscenities at Ilebaye, including calling her a wh*re.

Ilebaye screamed back at Tolanibaj, telling her to be a woman and open up about her feelings to Neo instead of being jealous from the sidelines.

When Ilebaye complained to Big Brother during her diary session, Big Brother suggested that Neo didn’t want her and advised her to “go only where she is wanted.”

The inferno after the Big Brother Naija Saturday night party 

It was an inferno and serious neck-pressing after the Saturday night party.

There was Ilebaye vs Neo. Then there was Ilebaye vs Venita. Somewhere along the line, stray bullets hit Kiddwaya. Mercy Eke also managed to get herself into the firing line.

Ilebaye vs Neo

Amazingly, the inferno in the house after the Saturday night party was fuelled by a kiss. Uriel and Neo shared the first kiss of the BBNaija All Stars Season. 

Ilebaye was not happy with it, as she thought Neo was her man. Then Neo told her in clear terms he had nothing with her. They had a fiery clash.

Ilebaye vs Venita

After the clash with Neo, Ilebaye went on about how Neo had been coming to her DM to ask her out.

Venita stepped in to defend Neo (who is her cousin). Ilebaye didn’t like the gang up against her and also turned the screw on Venita. They had a fiery clash. 

Venita then issued a warning to her friends in the house, telling them that she’ll swear for anyone that does not nominate Ilebaye for possible eviction in the coming weeks.

Big Brother Naija 8 Venita to Mercy

Mercy Eke would not be left out of the drama. In a discussion with Venita, Mercy said she blamed Big Brother for mixing them up with Level Up housemates. 

She said, “Ilebaye only existed for 2 weeks in her previous season. Na Biggie we blame wey go mix us with Level Up housemates. Them no suppose dey here

Mercy’s comments did not win her any favours with fans, as many berated her for having a big ego.

See how some fans reacted:

Ilebaye vs Kiddwaya

Then, there’s the issue with Kiddwaya. Some of the housemates (Frodd, Princess, Angel, Cee C, and Kiddwaya) were complaining that Ilebaye insulted Kiddwaya and his father unprovoked.

So, somewhere along the line, Kiddwaya had come to calm Ilebaye down, but Ilebaye had said words like “Kiddwaya was a kid and that his father was the real Waya.”

This “unprovoked insult of Kidd and his dad” alienated Ilebaye from even more housemates.


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