Kiddwaya is mean and evil – Big Brother Naija fans react to his treatment of Ilebaye


The Big Brother Naija All Stars season has been delivering on its promise to entertain fans. Kiddwaya was all over the news for his treatment of Ilebaye during their Thursday Moniepoint task.

Read on to find out what happened!

Big Brother Naija Thursday Moniepoint task (week 4)

The Thursday Moniepoint task for week four was an interesting one. Big Brother asked the housemates to pair up and present a business pitch for securing a loan. The pair with the best presentation will win #5 million.

Kiddwaya and Ilebaye formed a pair. They practiced their pitch together. 

Kiddwaya sidelined Ilebaye during the presentation

Unknown to Ilebaye, Kiddwaya had other ideas. When it was time to make their business pitch, Kiddwaya dumped what they had prepared and practiced. He went on to talk about his personal businesses in the real world.

To make matters worse, Kiddwaya bossed the whole presentation, and didn’t allow Ilebaye to say much.

Big Brother Naija Ilebaye

Ilebaye confronted Kiddwaya after they lost the Big Brother Naija task 

Needless to say, the pair’s presentation was a mess, and they failed to win the N5 million prize (Mercy and Frood won, while Adekunle and Venita came second).

After the task, Ilebaye confronted Kiddwaya about his decision to jettison what they had prepared. 

However, Kiddwaya simply dismissed her, telling her that he did not need the money. He added that he’s only interested in promoting his businesses and will use any opportunity to do so.

Ilebaye replied that it is selfish for Kiddwaya to sabotage their presentation because he didn’t need the money. She added that, unlike Kiddwaya, she needed the money.

Kiddwaya refused to apologize. When Ilebaye was angry at his unapologetic stances, he told her that she could cry if she liked, but he wasn’t apologizing.

See a short video of their altercation below:

Big Brother Naija fans reaction to the saga

As expected, many Big Brother Naija fans were not pleased with Kiddwaya’s treatment of Ilebaye. See their reactions below:

@prissy_mma says what Kiddwaya did shows he is a mean and selfish person.

@Niffwizzy15 says what Kiddwaya did was “very selfish”

@TalksandVibes says what Kidddwaya did was “not fair,” and his statement afterward was “quite insensitive”

@MedicalDoctorB8 calls Kidday’s treatment of Ilebaye “inhumane”

Even Tacha, former Big Brother Naija housemate and the queen of the Titans would not be left out. She called Kiddwaya’s behavior towards Ilebaye “Shitty” and added that she’ll want Ilebaye to win the show just to rub it on their faces.

Final Thoughts

Fans of Ilebaye had always complained that many of the other housemates always bully her. Well, Kiddwaya has just given them another weapon to pursue their case.

What do you think of Kiddwaya’s treatment of Ilebaye?


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