Big Brother Naija: Ike and Frodd get immunity from week 3 eviction


It is the third week in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house! As usual, housemates are given a chance to get immunity from the week’s eviction.

Interestingly, Big Brother has created different avenues for the housemates to get immunity, such as the Head of House challenge, the black envelope game, and the “Please, Pardon me” challenge.

Ike wins the Head of House challenge and gets immunity

Week three Head of House game was a jigsaw puzzle. The  housemates went into the arena one after the other to complete their puzzles – arranging elements of the puzzle to form thE forms “HEAD OF HOUSE”

Soma, Venita, and Ike were the best performers, while only Ike completed the puzzle. For successfully completing the puzzle, Biggie announced Ike as the winner of the Head of House challenge.

Winning the Head of House game granted Ike immunity from possible eviction in the week.

Big Brother Naija All Stars Ike

As is usual in the Big Brother Naija All Stars season, Ike was made to choose four BFFs who’ll enjoy the head of house privileges with him.

He chose:

  • Mercy
  • Venita
  • CeeC
  • Seyi

Frodd wins the “Please Pardon me” Nomination and immunity

One of the new twists of the Big Brother Naija All Stars season is the “Please Pardon Me” nomination challenge. The housemates are called into the diary room to nominate one housemate for possible immunity from the week’s eviction, and the housemate with the highest nominations gets immunity.

This was how they voted:

  • Frodd nominated Mercy Eke
  • Doyin nominated Adekunle
  • Angel nominated Frodd
  • Mercy nominated Frodd 
  • Uriel nominated Tolanibaj
  • Seyi nominated Frodd
  • Adekunle nominated Venita
  • Venita nominated Adekunle
  • WhiteMoney nominated Alex
  • Kiddwaya nominated Alex
  • Alex nominated Seyi
  • Soma nominated Angel
  • Pere nominated Cross
  • Cross nominated Kiddwaya
  • Neo nominated Tolanibaj
  • Tolanibaj nominated Neo
  • Ike nominated Frodd

Frodd got the highest number of nominations (four), making him the winner of the “Pardon Me Challenge.”

Winning the “Please Pardon Me Challenge” granted Frodd automatic immunity from the week’s eviction.

Big Brother Naija All Stars Frodd

No one got immunity from the Black Envelope game

The Black Envelope challenge is one of the new features of the Big Brother All Stars season.

Big Brother hides three envelopes in the house, and the housemates are given 5 minutes to search for them. One of the three envelopes will have the words “immunity,” granting immunity to the housemate that finds it.

Mercy Eke won week one’s black envelope challenge, while Angel won week two’s.

In week three’s black envelope challenge, only one of the black envelopes was found. Seyi found one of the envelopes. But his black envelope gave him access to the Head of House gym (not immunity).

Sadly, none of the housemates found the “immunity” black envelope in week three’s “black Envelope” challenge. So, no one got immunity from the black envelope challenge.

Final thoughts

Unlike in week two (when three housemates had immunity from eviction), only two housemates have immunity this time around – Ike and Frodd.

This means the remaining 17 housemates are up for possible eviction. Who are you saving with your votes, and who’s going home?


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