Big Brother Naija All Star: AdeNita will end like EmmaRose


Big Brother Naija season 8 All Stars has been an exciting and interesting season. The housemates have been serving us hot content, including the interesting relationship between Adekunle and Venita.

However, their fellow housemate, Pere, thinks the budding “ship” will have the same fate as the Titanic, which sank on its maiden voyage.

The Big Brother Naija sweet romance between Adekunle and Venita

Big Brother Naija seasons always deliver many talking points, and one of the most interesting talking points is the “ship.”

These young men and women are attracted to each other when they are brought together for weeks in the secluded confines of the Big Brother house. Friendships, situationships, relationships, and all sorts of ships form.

The first official relationship of the Big Brother Naija All Stars season is between Adekunle and Venita.

Venita, the beautiful phoenix of the Pepper Dem season, had told Biggie in her diary session that she was attracted to Adekunle of the Level Up season because of the level of intelligence that he has displayed in the All Stars season.

Following her confessions to Biggie, Venita warmed up to Adekunle, and the AdeNita ship was born. Adekunle and Venita began enjoying beautiful moments together, including sleeping on the same bed, cuddling at night, and defending each other in altercations with the other housemates. 

Big Brother Naija All Star Venita and Adekunle

Pere’s prophecy for the AdeNita ship

Pere found himself at the receiving end of the AdeNita ship during the week.

Week three’s wager brought a lot of chaos in the house. Venita was one of the housemates who felt she was given a lesser role in the wager. She angrily downed tools. Pere confronted her for downing tools, and they had a heated argument.

Adekunle jumped in to defend his partner, and the “Pere vs Venita” fight quickly became a “Pere vs Adekunle” fight.

See the video of the Pere and Adekunle clash:

Ike and Pere Discussion 

In a discussion with Ike, Pere predicted that the AdeNita ship would crash.

Pere: “Venita is playing a game here that I can easily detect. She’s taking advantage of every single thing. Look, you see this thing with Adekunle; when we go outside the house, you see how Emmanuel and Liquorose ended, that’s how it’s gonna end

Who can forget EmmaRose? The darling ship of the Shine Ya Eyes season between Emmaunuel and Liquorose.

While in the Big Brother house, EmmaRose was an example of a good relationship, as the young couple showered each other with lots of love and attention.

But the moment they stepped out of the Big Brother house, all we heard from them were accusations of uncaring attitude and cheating.

Final Thought on the Big Brother Naija AdeNita ship

By predicting the Liquorose ending for AdeNita, Pere is simply saying the relationship between Adekunle and Venita may appear strong in the house but is destined to crash immediately they leave the house.

What do you think? Do you think AdeNita is strong enough to weather the storms?


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