ySense Review – Is ySense Legit or Scam?


“Earn extra cash online”. That’s the promise of ySense. Expanding on this, it says it is a reward site where people from around the world can earn money online by doing simple online tasks like taking surveys, completing cash offers, and more. This makes ySense a GPT (Get Paid To) site. The question is whether ySense is a legit GPT site where members can actually make extra cash online, or whether it is a scam site that will waste members’ time and not pay them for completing tasks (or worse still steal their money). Also, how good of a GPT site is ySense? This GiantReviews’ look into ySense will help you answer these questions and many others.

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  1. What is ySense?
  2. Is ySense legit and safe?
  3. Who can use ySense?
  4. How ySense works
  5. Getting Started
  6. Is ySense mobile-friendly?
  7. Earning Opportunities
  8. Payment and Rewards
  9. Can you get support?
  10. Player Complaints
  11. ySense Pros and Cons

What is ySense?

ySense says it is the new home for Clixsense members. It adds that ySense has all of the same features that ClixSense members have grown to love plus new earning opportunities and reward options. That is, ySense is simply ClixSense rebranded.

If you’re not new to making money online, you’ll know that ClixSense, which was founded in 2007, was a Paid-To-Click website where members earn extra money online by clicking and viewing ads. With time, ClixSense added more earning opportunities. So, from a PTC site (where members earn only by clicking ads), it became a GPT site (where members earn by doing different tasks). Since the name ClixSense had a PTC ring to it, the reward website was rebranded in 2019 and it became ySense.

ySense is owned and operated by Prodege LLC. This makes it a sister site of popular rewards sites like Swagbucks and ShopAtHome.

Is ySense legit and safe?

Yes, ySense is legit. ySense will neither waste your time by not paying you for completing tasks nor will it steal their money.

This is a rewards site from one of the web’s biggest marketing company (Prodege LLC) which, by the way, is a fully registered US company. This company is also responsible for the web’s biggest and most popular rewards program (Swagbucks). A GPT site from an operator of this profile is not likely to be scam.

Also, ySense has a fine record of paying members. From when it was ClixSense till date, it has paid out about $40 million to its members. More importantly, it continues to pay. You’ll find ySense payment proofs all over the internet. Scam sites do not pay. So, a GPT site that continues to pay can only be legit.

In terms of safety, ySense keeps users’ data safe. First, it uses industry best procedures and techniques, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This bank grade technology uses high-level encryption to scrambles users’ data before transmitting it through private channels. Bottomline is your data cannot be intercepted or read by unauthorized third parties. Secondly, ySense will not release users’ data to third parties.

Who can use ySense?

ySense is a reward website that accepts members from across the globe. Thus, wherever you are, you can use ySense for your side hustle (to make a little extra money online).

However, just as every other GPT site, you must meet the age requirement for your registration to go through. Interestingly, ySense is friendlier than most GPT sites in this regard. While the age requirement is 18+ years in most GPT sites, in ySense it is 13+ years for US members and 16+ years for the rest of the world. Thus, ySense is open to many more persons for making money online.

How ySense works

ySense works like any other GPT site. Top brands can only thrive if they know their customers and what these customers want; the brands turn to market research companies; and the market research companies work with GPT sites to collect customers’ opinions. Thus, the GPT sites are able to pay you when you complete tasks. To learn more about GPT sites, check out our GPT Guide.

In the case of ySense, every time you complete a paying task, you earn cash. This is different from most GPT sites that initially pay with reward points which can later be converted to cash. That said; as you complete tasks in ySense, you can watch your cash balance rise up. When the balance reaches the cash-out threshold, you can then request payment and watch the money hit your bank account.

Getting Started

Persons who want to make money online using ySense will have to register and become a member of the site. This is absolutely free. Registration is also easy-peasy and fast. It only entails entering your email address and password in the registration section of the website. To complete your registration and start earning you’ll have to verify your email address.

However, there is no join bonus. We like sites that give this, because the balance boost before even completing any paying activity is a fine psychological boost that can spur one on to even more earnings.

Is ySense mobile friendly?

Yes, ySense is mobile friendly. It does not have mobile apps, so to use it on mobile devices, you’ll have to enter the url (www.ysense.com) into a web browser, and fire on. However, the ySense website is optimized for mobile, so you’ll not have to zoom in to view pages. With its mobile-friendliness, you can earn from ySense anywhere and anytime.

Earning Opportunities

Moving from ClixSense was so as to provide many new earning opportunities. Thus, in ySense there are different ways to earn. These include:

  • Surveys – Taking surveys to earn is a staple of GPT sites, and ySense offers many survey opportunities. It partners popular survey providers, so it has a load of fresh surveys for members every day. Before jumping into the main surveys, you’ll have to fill a profile survey. This is used by ySense to recommend surveys to you. ySense rewards members with $0.05 for filling the profile survey. You can then move on to find the main surveys to earn substantially more. What each survey pays vary. However, before you start, you’ll see how much the survey pays and how much time it’ll take.
  • Offers – You’ll find a variety of cash offers that you can complete to earn. These include: extra surveys, download apps, sign up to online services, product trials, play games, and more. There is never a shortage of cash offers because you’ll find offers provided by ySense, as well as offers from third party providers like PeanutLabs, AdGem, OfferToro, AdGate, Wannads, Revenue Universe, and more. Some of the offers will require you to make a purchase before you’ll be able to earn. Even some of the “free” trial offers will request your credit card details so that after the trial period, you’ll automatically be made a paid subscriber and charged. The pay-to-do offers usually have bigger pay-outs. But if you’ll rather not be charged for anything; then stay with the free offers, and far away from any offer that requires your credit card details.
  • Tasks – You’ll find simple Appen tasks (formerly Figure Eight Tasks) that you can do to earn money. These include data entry, sorting images, and more. The tasks give 2 more earning avenues. First, there’s a “$5 for $50 promotion” where you’ll receive $5 every time you earn $50 from the tasks. Secondly, there’s a “weekly contest” where you can get up to $50 every week. Every week, the top ten earners from the tasks receive a cash bonus (1st: $50, 2nd: $20, 3rd: $10, 4th – 5th: $5 each, 6th – 10th: $2 each).
  • Daily Checklist – You can earn up to 16% bonus every day. First, you’ll earn a 12% daily bonus if you meet some goals (complete at least 10 tasks, 2 surveys or offers, or 5 tasks and 1 survey). Secondly, you’ll earn an additional 2% bonus if you meet the goal 3 days in a row. Thirdly, you’ll earn another 2% bonus any day you run the ySense Browser Addon for at least an hour.
  • Referral – Refer people to ySense, and you’ll earn big. First, anytime someone joins ySense using your unique referral link, you’ll earn $0.10 ($0.30 if the person is from a tier-one country). Secondly, when your referrals earn their first $5.00, you’ll receive a $2.00 bonus. Thirdly, you can earn up to 20% – 30% of what your referrals earn. You begin by earning 20% of what your referrals earn, then the commission increases as your referrals increases (100+ referrals – 25%, 200+ referrals – 30%).

Payment and Rewards

When it’s time to request payment, the reward catalogue of ySense includes gift cards and cash options. You’ll find Amazon gift cards as well as iTunes gift cards. The cash options include PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer.

The payment threshold is low in ySense. You’ll find gift cards as low as $3.00 – $5.0.0. If you need cash payment, you can withdraw as low as $5.00 via Skrill. However, for PayPal payments, you’ll need to have a minimum of $10.00. With these, you will not have to build a large balance before you can cash-out.

However, after cashing out, you’ll need some patience to receive your payment. ySense is not a speedster in this regard. It takes 5 – 7 business days to process payment before issuing it. If your account is new (it is your first payment or your account is less than 30 days old), it’ll take about 15 business days for your payment to be processed.  

Can you get support?

Yes. First, there is a detailed FAQ page where members who have questions are encouraged to check. This page holds many support articles arranged into the following sections: General/ Account/ Privacy, Surveys and Tasks, Offers, and Referrals.

Secondly, you can raise a support ticket, and get help directly from a ySense support agent. However, it takes 24 – 48 hours for support tickets to be answered. This is slow if you need help fast. Unfortunately, ySense does not support contact channels for instant feedback.

Player Complaints

Want to know how well a GPT site is? Check for players’ complaints. As of writing, in arguably the most popular customers’ review platform online (Trustpilot), ySense has an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5. This is fine, but could be better. The 3.9/ 5 rating can only mean that there are many players complaints. Many of the complaints are about survey disqualifications and long payment times.

From the complaints, it can be taken that the rate of disqualification from surveys might just be relatively high in ySense. This is because there are just too many of this complain. There is no survey site or GPT site that members do not experience survey disqualifications (that is, starting the survey but not allowed to take it to completion, and hence not receiving credits for it). The reason for this is simple – surveys want answers from particular demographics; and if your answers to the preliminary questions reveal that you are not of the demographics needed, you’ll be disqualified before you finish. In explaining its high disqualifications, ySense usually say that surveys also disqualify persons for not paying attention. That is, the same question may be asked (in different ways) at different point of the survey, and if conflicting answers are provided, it means you are not paying attention but just ticking answers, and you’ll be disqualified.

Too many complaints of survey disqualification are never a good thing. Worse still, while some GPT site give token points for survey disqualification, ySense does not give any compensation whatsoever. Maybe some token cash for compensation will dampen the disqualification blow.

ySense Pros and Cons


  1. It is backed by one of the biggest marketing companies (Prodege LLC)
  2. Users’ data is well-protected (using SSL technology)
  3. Open to persons worldwide; and age requirement is 16+ years (13+ for US members)
  4. Registration is free
  5. It is mobile friendly allowing members earn even while on the move
  6. Provides a lot of ways to earn
  7. Credits cash for completing tasks
  8. Has a robust referral program, where you can earn signup bonus, activity bonuses, and more
  9. A lot of payment options which includes gift cards, and PayPal
  10. Payment threshold is low ($3 – $5 for gift cards, $5 for Skrill, $10 for PayPal)
  11. Provides help via a ticketing system


  1. There is no join bonus
  2. The rate of disqualification from surveys seem a bit high in ySense
  3. There is no compensation whatsoever when disqualified from surveys
  4. Payment processing is relatively slow (about 5 – 7 days, and even longer for new accounts)
  5. Instant feedback is not available when contacting customer support

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