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Every product developer wants to build products that users will love. Unfortunately, “one in five products delivered fail to meet customer needs”.

UserWell advertises as a software that helps you collect insights about what customers want, so that you can make the right decisions regarding product improvements based on transparent and traceable data.

The big question is whether this is just talk, or whether UserWell also walks the walk. That is, is UserWell an effective Product Feedback Management Software that will really help you gather evaluable feedback, to drive the product improvement that will make your products well received? This review will examine UserWell in order to help you answer this question and more.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Userwell?
  2. How it works
  3. User Friendliness
  4. Integration
  5. Pricing
  6. Conclusion

1. What is Userwell?

Userwell is a product developed by SaaS Industries. It is a feedback management tool that allows teams to improve their product using customers’ feedback.

According to the website, it is a software that helps product developers gain insight into what customers really want, so that products can be built that users want and love.

2. How it Works

With, you will get a product that customers love and use in three easy steps:

  • Gather Insights
  • Analyze and Prioritize
  • Implement Feedback

Gather Insights

Customer feedback is very important in business circles. Among other things, it can reveal aspect of products that needs improvement, and it can make the customer feel valued leading to customer loyalty. Userwell helps you collect feedback from users of your product.

Analyze and Prioritize

Data hold little meaning until processed. Userwell enables you to evaluate received customer feedback, helping you to prioritize feedback.

Implement Feedback

Customer feedback should be fed to the development team for implementation. Implementing Userwell also enables validated feedback to inform developmental decisions, using a collaborative platform that makes the whole process transparent.

3. User Friendliness

Everyone will want an easy, simple-to-use system. Thankfully, that is what Userwell is. First and foremost, you do not have to worry about technical requirements for using Userwell. You just need a connection to the internet, and you are off to the races.

Also, signing up is easy-peasy, only requiring you to provide your name, an email address, and a password. Upon, logging in, you’ll also find a user-friendly dashboard. There is a left side bar that holds all the controls you’ll need to set up your project.

4. Integrations

One great thing about Userwell is the integrations it allows, which allows for one-place feedback collection, smart insight collection, and swift implementation of evaluated feedback.

Feedback Sources

This integration allows you to push feedback from external sources into userwell. As of writing, Userwell integrates with “Freshdesk” and “Zendesk”, two of the biggest customer support platforms. In addition, it promises that it will soon be supporting “Intercom”.

With this multi-channel feedback collection, instead of clicking around to receive feedback through multiple channels, you can receive all your feedback in one place.

Userwell enables you to create personal feedback pages. You can then share these with your customers, which they can can use as a platform to share their feedback, and react to the feedback of others.

Insight Generation

This integration allows you to enrich contributor and company data. As of writing, Userwell integrates with Profitwell, a cloud-based app that provides users with all their financial and subscription metrics in one place. With ProfitWell integration, you can enrich your feedback data with customer insights, like MRR and other SaaS metrics.

Thus, implementing Userwell will not only give your customer insights, but “smart” customer insights. For example, you can easily identify insight from your most valuable and important customers (in terms of sales/ subscriptions). While every customers’ feedback is important, it cannot be argued that it will be beneficial to give priority to feedback from top customers. Thus, the “smart insights” that Userwell gives with this integration can actually help a product developer to evaluate and prioritize feedback, so as to know what to build next.

While Userwell is using ProfitWell to provide smart insight at the moment it promises to soon support other solution for extracting value from subscription data such as Chartmogul and Salesforce.

Development Workflow

This integration allows you push evaluated feedback directly into the development and project management workflow of your team. As of writing, UserWell supports GitLab, an open DevOps platform that is a single application for unparalleled collaboration, visibility, and development velocity.

With this integration, you can push validated feedback as issue into your GitLab development workflow. Userwell promises to support “Jira” and “Trello” soon, which are integrations that will enable you push resulting tasks into your development team’s project management tool, with just a few clicks.

5. Pricing

A good service should be affordable; and Userwell certainly is.

Service Plans

There are two plans– a Self Service Plan, and a Custom Plan. The features you’ll get with each plan are as follows:

Self Service PlanCustom Plan
3 Team Members2 ProjectsUnlimited Public & Private PagesUnlimited Tracked ContributorsAll FeaturesAll IntegrationsGDPR ComplianceDedicated Support ManagerAll the standard features plusUp to Unlimited Team MembersUp to Unlimited ProjectsCustom IntegrationsConcierge OnboardingPremium Support  

Either service plan can be billed monthly or yearly. The Self Service Plan cost $79 per month and $758 per year. This means that the yearly subscription plan offers 25% cost saving. The monthly and yearly plan of the Custom Plan vary, depending on different factors number of team members and number of projects.

While the 1 month subscription plan will be too short to reap the rewards of the service, it is not everyone that will want the commitment of a long one year subscription plan. However, Userwell does not offer relatively short subscription plans like 6 months plans.

Free Trial

Everyone will want the opportunity of trying out a service before purchasing. Thankfully, Userwell does that by offering free trial. Interestingly, it is one of the best free trials you’ll find in the field.

  • First, it is a 14 days free trial, which is enough time for you to use the service and get a feel of what you will be purchasing.
  • Secondly, it is with all feature. This is not like some services where you’ll get a slim-version during free trial, and will have to pay to enjoy the full features of the service. Userwell gives you access to its full standard plan features in its trial period. Thus, what the service offers paying users of the self service plan is what you will get in those 14 days of using it for free.
  • Thirdly, no credit card is required. Most SaaS companies offering free trials will request your credit card information. This is so that, at the end of the trial period, they can automatically subscribe you to a plan and debit you. Customer reviews have shown that this causes a lot of problems, especially when trial users do not intend to become paid users but forget to cancel. Thankfully, you will not have such problems with the Userwell free trial. Because you credit card information is not taken for the free trial, you and only you can make the decision of becoming a paid user.

Payment Methods

To make payment easy, Userwell accepts all common payment methods, including credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Diner’s Club, American Express). Enterprise and high-volume customers can also use bank transfer payments (albeit upon request).


Userwell is the software to implement if you want to start treating feedback the right way. In three easy steps (gather feedback in one place, evaluate and prioritize feedback, and implement feedback) Userwell will help you know customer insights so as to build products that customers use and like.


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