Orion Stars Online Review – is this gaming platform legit or a scam?


Orion Stars Online is a gaming platform that says it is “a fun way to fill your pockets”. This raises questions like: is Orion Stars Online really a fun online platform loaded with exciting games that you can play for entertainment and enjoyment; and is Orion Stars Online really a legit gaming destination where you can really have winnings and instantly earn real money?

This Orion Stars Online Review will aim at answering these questions and more.

What is Orion Stars Online?

Orion Stars advertises an entirely new way to play your favorite online sweepstakes fish games, reels, and slots. It is a gaming platform whose goal is to allow gamers play their online sweepstakes slots and online sweepstakes fish games anytime, anywhere, and any place.

Following the industry standard sweepstake models, Orion Stars offers a sweepstake reels games app that relies on complex algorithms to generate randomized numbers, as well as stopping points that build suspense through cutting-edge graphics and exciting features (like bombs, lasers, bonuses, free spins, scatters, and more).

Orion Stars operates a simple website that bubbles with colours – www.orionstarsonline.com. The colourful website promises a lot of fun. Importantly, you’ll be able to move around easily.

What devices does Orion Stars support?

Orion Stars want you to enjoy games and winning “anytime and anywhere”. Thus, the gaming platform works on virtually all devices; from Microsoft Windows, to Apple iOS, and to Google Android.

Thus, whether you are at home (before your desktops), or in some lonely place (with only your mobile phone on you), you can jet to this virtual starry world of endless entertainment and winnings called Orion Stars.

Getting Started in Orion Stars

Getting started in Orion Stars is also very easy. You simply have to fill out a registration form, and download the Orion Stars App. However, unlike most gaming platforms, there is no “registration” button displayed on the homepage of the Orion Stars website. To get the registration form, you’ll have to click the “Play” tab on the main menu, then click “player registration” in the options that come up. Apart from this “multiple clicking to reach the registration page”, everything else with registering is easy-peasy.

After completing the registration form and downloading the App, Orion Stars will contact you with your username and password. You can then proceed to log in, buy initial game credits, and play exciting games.

Orion Stars Games

Orion Stars is home to a lot of exciting online games. So, it is really a gaming destination where you can play for entertainment and enjoyment.

The “Games” tab in the main menu of the website arranges the game offering into three sections, with the following titles:

  • Sweeps/ Slots/ Reels – Sirius Stars, Safari Ride, St Patrick’s Gold, Gemstone Galore, President 45, Prince of Persia, Roman Empire, Where’s Santa, Holiday Party, Fortune Gods, Ghosts N Goblins, Classic 777, Lucky Duck, and Fruit Frenzy
  • Fish – Kraken Strike, Golden Dragon, Octopus King’s Revenge, Kirin Strike, Ocean King Strike, Tiger Strike, Buffalo Strike, Phoenix Strike
  • Other Games – Super Keno, and Dooms Day

Thus, if you are into the sizzling reels that have now become the face of online casinos, Orion Stars will not disappoint you. It offers some popular reels such as Fruit Frenzy, Prince of Persia, Classic 777, and more.  

There are also lots of instant win sweepstakes that can provide you hour of excitement when you have the need to kill time, or when you are feeling lucky and can smell the mega bucks.

If you like fish hunting games, Orion Stars is the destination for you. It offers a broad selection of online fish games. These are loaded with features like multipliers, bombs, lasers, and more to provide an excellent source of entertainment and hours of fun.  You’ll find features and icons to assist your shooting, thereby increasing your opportunities to kill more fish, and gain higher scores. You can purchase extras inside the fish game app to enhance your gameplay for even more fun.

Our take on Orion Stars

Orion Stars is definitely a legit gaming destination. Its games use certified RNGs (random number generators) to ensure fair outcomes. So, every gamer is sure that every game hand can be won. Orion Stars Online also pay winners, as “sweep coins” winnings can easily be exchanged into real prizes.

In terms of game options, Orion Stars does not pack games as there are stars in the heavens, but it has enough titles for your gaming entertainment. You’ll find slots reels and other casino games like Keno, exhilarating fish games, and sweepstakes for instant winnings. Lastly, Orion Stars works with all devices, allowing you to enjoy your gaming and winnings anytime and anywhere.


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