Offernation Review – Is Offernation Legit or Scam


“Work from home and make some extra money for the things you need in life”. That’s the promise of Offernation!

The question is whether Offernation is a legit GPT site where users can actually make money by completing online surveys and offers, OR whether it is a scam site where players will be ripped off or waste their time doing tasks and not be paid. This GiantReviews look into Offernation will help you answer this question and many more.

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  1. What is Offernation?
  2. Is Offernation legit?
  3. Is Offernation worth it?
  4. Customer Support Service
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What is Offernation?

Short answer – Offernation is a GPT (Get Paid To) site.
Operator99 Ventures
AddressSummit House, 4-5 Mitchell Street, Edinburgh, EH6 7BD, United Kingdom
Current Members115,546

If you are looking for ways to make a little extra money online, you’ll come across Paid Survey sites and GPT sites. Paid Survey sites invite persons to come take surveys and get paid; while GPT sites invite persons to come take surveys and/ or do a bunch of other simple tasks and get paid. Offernation is one of those – a GPT site. Hence that promise of helping you make some extra money for the things you need in life.

Ofernation was started in 2013; and it is operated by 99 Ventures Limited. As of writing, Offernation has a member count of 115,546.

Is Offernation legit?

Short answer – Offernation is 100% legit.

There’s no doubt that Offernation is a legit GPT site. First, is that it comes from 99 Ventures Limited which is a 100% legal and reputable market research company. The company even has 2 other legit GPT sites to its name – RewardingWays and

Importantly, Offernation pays. As of writing, it has paid out $927,700.59 to its members. Scams do one of 2 things: (i) do not credit users when they complete activities (ii) credit users but users cannot cash-out. That Offernation has paid out over $900 thousand, means it definitely credit users for completed activities, and pays when users cash-out their earnings. Thus, Offernation is legit.

Is Offernation worth it?

Short answer- we think so.

Apart from the fact that it is a legit GPT site that pays, and that it is a safe site where users’ data is well protected, Offernation definitely ticks many of the right boxes. For example:


Unlike many GPT sites that serve only a few countries, Offernation accepts registration globally. Thus, wherever you are resident, you can register in Offernation and make a little extra money. However, you’ll have to be 18 years and above.

Getting Started

You’ll want registration to be stress-free. Thankfully, in Offernation, registration couldn’t be easier. In the user-friendly website, find and click the “Join Free” button to open the registration form. It should take less than a minute to fill the form and be a registered member of Offernation.

Also, Offernation has a $0.25 join bonus for every new member. The join bonus is credited to your account immediately after your registration. You do not have to build some earning within a timeframe before you’ll get your welcome bonus.

Earning Opportunities

You’ll want many earning opportunities. Thankfully Offernation is a real GPT site offering members a variety of ways to earn. These are:

  • Surveys – Simply share your opinion in market research surveys and you’ll get paid. Offernation has a lot of surveys Tap Paid Surveys and Revenue Surveys are just 2 of the many survey portals you’ll find. So, Offernation is able to offer a lot of surveys.
  • Offer Wall – This is simply a listing of a variety of simple tasks that you can do to earn rewards. With many providers featured, there’re no shortages of offers. You’ll find additional surveys that you can take to earn; you’ll find games that you can play to earn, you’ll find PTC ads that you can view to earn; you’ll find apps that you can download to earn, and more. The highest paying offers are trial offers, where you sign up for free trials of a product/ service. However, some of these trials will require your credit card information; sometimes requiring you to make a purchase to qualify for the trial offer, and other times giving you a free trial but signing you up and charging you after the trial period. If you don’t want money leaving your account for any reason; then stay clear of any offer requiring credit/debit card detail.
  • Promo Code – Offernation often post promotional codes in their social media pages. Follow and like their pages to find these codes; then you can go to their website to redeem the codes and earn some rewards.
  • Contests – Offernation runs quarterly cash contests. Its top 20 earners over the period get a slice of $1,000 as follows: 1st – $350, 2nd – $200, 3rd – $100, 4th & 5th – $50 each, 6th to 10th – $30 each, 11th to 20th – $10 each. Fire up your earning in the site; and you just may be among the top 20 and get more reward.
  • Referral Bonus – Offernation gives a 25% referral commission for life. If you can get people to join and use the site, you’ll earn 25% of any income your referrals earn for life. There’s no limit on how many people can join using your referral links. So, you can have a fine passive income via referral commissions.

Cashing Out

First, the cash-out threshold is one of the lowest in the industry. You only need to have a balance of $1, and you’ll be able to request payment. So, you won’t stay long in the site before you can cash-out.

Secondly, Offernation supports a variety of payment methods. You can get cash payment via PayPal, Payza, and Skrill. If you prefer digital currencies, you can get paid via bitcoin. If you prefer gift cards, Offernation also allow users get paid via Amazon Gift Cards and Tango cards. However, when requesting gift cards, you may need a minimum balance of $5.

Thirdly, Offernation is able to offer fast payments. After requesting payment, you’ll not grow old before you receive your payment. It processes and issues payments very fast – all payments are received within 24 hours, most payments are received within 8 hours, and some payments are received almost instantly. Offernation is easily one of the fastest paying GPT sites.

Customer Support Service

You also will not be left stranded should you need help of any kind. Offernation has an FAQ page where users can quickly find answers to some questions. These include common questions about membership, earning cash and points, offers and offer walls, contests, and referrals.

You can also directly get assistance from a support agent. The support service is available 24/ 7, so it doesn’t matter when you need help. More importantly, response time is very impressive. Most tickets are answered within 8 hours, while all tickets are answered within 24 hours. However, it’s disappointing that instant-feedback support services (like telephone and live chat) are not available.

What Offernation members are saying

A look at what real members of Offernation has to say about it is a fine measure of how good it is. Thankfully, there are no shortages of positive reviews of Offernation. Hence, in the customers’ review forums, Offernation is highly rated. For example, Offernation has a Trustpilot rating of 4.5/ 6; and a Feefo rating of 4.6/5.

Positive Reviews

Members with positive reviews point to Offernation having many earning opportunities, a low cash-out threshold, and fast pay-outs. For example:

  • Kesley Michelle in Trustpilot who has been able to cash-out without any issue finds Offernation amazing because it has so many different types of options
  • Jacob Modlin in Trustpilot thinks Offernation is an awesome site because its many earning opportunities include tasks videos and surveys, and because it has one of the lowest cash-out even when using PayPal
  • Daren Heslop in Trustpilot who has made over $1,000 in the site thinks Offernation is the best GPT site out there, and points to its low cash-out of just $1, as well as instant PayPal payments
  • Ghostbella in Feefo thinks Offrnation is a really good GPT site because it says really fast

Critical Reviews

However, Offernation had its share of complaining users. For example:

Staci Renee in Trustpilot does not think Offernation is that great because “qualifying for the surveys takes a good while”. The user reports having to start a survey only to be redirected to another and then to another, and always getting disqualified “for not meeting some demographics requirement”.

Lady Tee in Feefo agrees that tasks are easy to complete and that pay-outs are fast, but could not help it that accounts are often placed on verification while the users are locked out and can’t do anything about it

Vic Hess in Truspilot complained that the first time his account was locked, he sent valid photo ID, was told that wasn’t enough, and had to send photos of a tax letter, bank statement and insurance papers before the account was finally verified and unlocked, and then was allowed to cash out about $4.00 via PayPal. However, the very next time he’ll try cashing out (about $1.95) via the same PayPal account, the account was locked again and he was told he had to do another security verification regarding the offer completed for the $1.95 and that it would take 30 – 60 days.

Typically, the Offernation complaints you’ll find will be one of disqualification from surveys or account getting blocked. On the former (disqualifications), it should be said that it is something you should expect to face in every GPT site out there. This is because advertisers target a particular audience. So, if at any point in the survey, it is determined that your profile does not match the targeted audience, you’ll be disqualified from the survey. However, it will seem that disqualification rate is a tad high in Offernation.

On the latter (account getting locked), Offernation has a very strict security check that it does not joke with. If at any time, your account is suspected, it will be flagged for a security check, which is typically 30 – 60 days. In that time, you cannot use your account and access the fund. However, if you send the required documentation, the locked account will be opened. Many users do not like that after going through the 30 – 60 days security check and having a locked account re-opened, the account could still be locked in the future for another round of verification. It also does not impress some users that the verification can take up to 60 days.


Offernation is a GPT site where persons can earn some extra income online. It is definitely legit as shown by its pay-out record. Also, Offernation ticks many of the right boxes. It offers a variety of ways to earn. It comes with a low cash-out threshold and it offers fast pay-outs, so you can quickly get your earnings.

There are a few aspects of Offernation that are not heart-warming (take a peek at the cons section below). However, the positives far outweigh any negative. Thus, considering everything, Offernation is fine GPT site. Yes, we here at GiantReviews recommend Offernation. Visit the site using the following link and become a citizen of this rewarding nation:

Accepts registration globally
Registering is very simple and straightforward
A $0.25 join bonus is given to all new members
Gives members a variety of ways to earn – surveys, videos, PTC ads, online games, etc
Gives 25% referral commission
Supports a variety of payment options (including bitcoin)
A low cash-out threshold of just $1.00
Payment is fast
Support tickets are answered relatively fast
xThe rate of disqualification from surveys seems a tad high
xAccount can be flagged for security checks at any time, which takes 30 – 60 days
xInstant feedback support services are not available

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