Mega Moolah Review – Is Mega Moolah really a “millionaire maker” or is it just hyped?


Mega Moolah is probably the world most famous online slot game. In many quarters, it is called the millionaire maker. Who does not like the sound of instantly becoming a millionaire from simply hitting the spin button on an online slot? The big question is whether Mega Moolah is legit or just another scam. That is, is it an exciting slot game where players can actually hit the mega “moolah”, or is it using the draw of winning mega moolah to draw people in and rip them off? This GiantReviews look into the Mega Moolah slot game have that answer for you, as well as answers to questions about the Mega Moolah jackpot, and general questions about Mega Moolah.

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What is Mega Moolah?

  • Developer: Microgaming
  • Year launched: 2006
  • Game Type: Video Slot
  • Number of Reels: 5
  • Number of Rows: 3  
  • Theme: African Safari/ Animals
  • RTP: 88.12%

Mega Moolah is a 5-reel video slot video slot from Microgaming that was released towards the end of 2006. It comes with an exciting African Savannah theme which features yellow-gold sunset background and exciting animals that will remind you of the exciting Lion King movies. Cute animations and sound effects add to the user experience.

However, as exciting as the theme, graphics, and sound effect may be, the popularity of the Mega Moolah slot is not because of these. Rather, it’s because of the prizes that can be won from the game. Mega Moolah is famous for its jackpots – especially its mega jackpot which has been dishing out life-changing wins.

Is Mega Moolah legit?

Yes, Mega Moolah is legit. We understand that “Is Mega Moolah legit” is one of the first questions on many people’s mind when they hear of Mega Moolah, and especially of its mega jackpot that pays out millions when activated. Winning millions using pennies may sound too good to be true; and you know what they say about something that sounds too good to be true. Interestingly, Mega Moolah jackpot is one exception to the “too good to be true” cliché; it is one thing that sounds too good to be true that is actually true.

That is, Mega Moolah is 100% legit. First, it is developed by Microgaming which is arguably the best software provider in the industry. Secondly, Microgaming holds world-renowned certifications, like that of eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). This means the reputable casino auditor has tested Mega Moolah (by running millions of game rounds) and found it to be fair. That is, you can win every game round. Most importantly, there are Mega Moolah winners. Winners consistently emerge. Thankfully, this is not just “audio winnings”; they actually get paid, which is often covered by media outlets.

Being an online slot game that is developed by a reputable software provider (Microgaming), that is certified by reputable casino auditors (eCOGRA), and that has consistently made and paid winners, Mega Moolah can only be legit.

How to play Mega Moolah slot

  • Paylines: 25
  • Coins per line: 1 – 5 coins
  • Coin denomination: 0.01 – 0.05
  • Bet Amount: £/€/$ 0.25 – £/€/$ 6.25

It’s super easy to play Mega Moolah, so it is suitable for both slot veterans and newbies alike. You simply have to set your game and hit the “Spin” button.

Setting your bet entails: selecting number of paylines, selecting number of coins, and choosing coin denomination. Alternatively, you can simply use the “Max Bet” button, and wager the maximum bet possible.

Using this button, you can choose how many paylines you want to activate. Mega Moolah has 25 paylines (which are adjustable, meaning you can choose how many you want active in any game round).

Using this button, you can select the number of coins you want to bet per line. You can choose between 1 and 5 coins per line.”

Using the “+” and “-” signs, you can set your coin denomination. The range is 0.01 to 0.05.

Other controls/ part of the game interface are:

  • Max Bet – Using this button, you are simply setting the bet at the highest levels of paylines, coins per line, and coin denomination. With 25 paylines, 5 coins per line, and each coin worth 0.05, the maximum bet amount is 6.25. Thus, using “max bet” button, your bet amount is set at £/€/$ 6.25
  • Spin – After setting your bet, click the “Spin” button to launch the game, and set the reels spinning
  • Win – This section (at your bottom right of the screen and above the “spin” button) shows you the prize you won from a spin
  • Credits – This section (at your bottom left of the screen) shows you the money in your balance

This means that the minimum bet amount is 0.25 (depending on your currency of play – £/€/$). That is from activating 1 payline, and using 1 coin per line worth 0.01. This means that the Mega Moolah slot game is really for everyone. You don’t need to be a high-roller to play the game.


  • Symbols: Animals, Letters, and Number
  • Special Feature: Free Spins, Multipliers, Wild, Scatter, Bonus Round
  • Highest Possible Win: 225,000 coins

The base game of the Mega Moolah slot has 12 symbols – 7 animals (Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Antelope, and Monkey), 5 letters (4 – Ace, K – King, Q – Queen, J – Jack), and 1 letter (10).

To have a win when playing the base game; after the reels spins to a stop, they should reveal similar symbols “lined up” in consecutive cells of any payline that is activated. For those new to online slots, paylines are simply the different ways that similar symbols will line up on the reels to give a winning combination. This means that the more paylines you have active, the more your chances of winning. The various winning combo (the 25 paylines of Mega Moolah base game) are:

The lines pay from left to right. Interestingly, you don’t need to “line up” 5 similar symbols in a winning pattern. With some symbols, you need at least 2 for a win; and with others, you need at least 3 for a win. For example, having 2 Elephant Symbols gives a win of 4 coins; and having 3, 4, and 5 gives wins of 40 coins, 150 coins, and 600 coins respectively. However, 2 Antelope symbols do not give a win; you’ll need a minimum of 3 for a win of 10 coins; while 4, and 5 give wins of 50 and 250 coins respectively.

Two of the symbols can be considered special – the Lion and the purple-faced Monkey. The Lion is the Wild, while the Monkey is the Scatter. These special features take the excitement of the game to new levels.

The Wild is a symbol that can be used to replace any other symbol in the game (except the Monkey) to form a winning combo. The Wild is also a 2x multiplier. That is, whenever a Wild is used, the winning is doubled. Thus, while the win from 5 Elephants in a payline is 750 coins; but if a Wild is used in getting the winning combo, the win will be 1,500.

The Scatter is a symbol that activates a special bonus – the Mega Moolah Free Spins (15 free spins). Every time you get 3 Monkey symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll receive 15 free spins. These spins come with the same bet level (paylines, coin per line, coin denomination) as the one that activated the bonus. So, it may be good to be using the maximum bet level when the Free Spins bonus is activated. Importantly, the spins are cumulative. When playing with them, anytime you have 3 or more Monkey symbols, you receive 15 more free spins. More importantly, the Scatter symbol is also a 3x multiplier. That is, when using the free spins, the winning is tripled. Thus, the win from 5 Elephants in a payline when using the Mega Moolah bonus is 2,250 coins. Thus, the biggest win from the Mega Moolah base game is 225,000. This comes from having 5 Lions in a payline when using the free spins. The combo gives a win of 75,000 coins; and with 5 coins per line, that’s a win of 75,000 coins, which is then tripled by the Scatter multiplier to give 225,000 coins.

Thus, the Mega Moolah base game can give a decent return even when one does not get to the jackpot game. However, online casino players do not troop to the Mega Moolah slot game for the wins from its base game. What draws players to Mega Moolah is its bonus game – a jackpot wheel where players can progressive jackpots.

For those that don’t know what these are; in progressive jackpots, every time the game is played, a part of the bet is contributed to the jackpot, so the amount to be won grows continuously until the jackpot is won.

Mega Moolah Jackpot

The Mega Moolah jackpot is what people care for when they play Mega Moolah. When playing the base game, the bonus round is randomly triggered to reveal the jackpot wheel.

This means that you can play the Mega Moolah slot game, without getting the chance to spin the jackpot wheel. There’s no way to trigger the bonus round. The interesting thing is that the bonus round can be triggered even if you do not hit a winning combo.

Another interesting thing is that Mega Moolah has not one, but four progressive jackpots – mini, minor, major, and mega. The good news is that all 20 sections of the wheel correspond to a jackpot. There’re no “ops! try again” or “sorry, no win this time” sections. Thus, every time the jackpot wheel is triggered, you are sure of winning a progressive jackpot.

  • Mini Jackpot – This is the smallest of the 4 progressive jackpots of the Mega Moolah slot. The jackpot starts at £/€/$ 10, and grows with every bet. The red sections of the Jackpot Wheel correspond to the mini jackpot. Of the 20 coloured sections of the wheel, 10 are mini jackpots, meaning that there’s a 50% chance of hitting the mini jackpot every time you play the Mega Moolah jackpot game. When writing this review, our last check showed the mini jackpot at £/€/$ 22.49.
  • Minor Jackpot – This jackpot starts at £/€/$ 100, and grows with every bet until it is won. There are 6 orange sections of the wheel that correspond to the minor jackpot, meaning that there’s a 30% chance of hitting the minor jackpot every time you play the Mega Moolah jackpot game. When writing this review, our last check showed the minor jackpot at £/€/$ 112.52.
  • Major Jackpot – This jackpot starts growing at £/€/$ 10,000 and easily reach 6 figures. There are 3 yellow sections of the jackpot wheel that correspond to the Major jackpot, meaning that there’s a 15% chance of hitting the major jackpot every time you spin the wheel. When writing this review, our last check showed the major jackpot at £/€/$ 44,265.70
  • Mega Jackpot – This is the why everyone plays the Mega Moolah game. The jackpot starts at £/€/$ 1 million, and easily grow into £/€/$ 10+ million. It is why Mega Moolah is called the millionaire maker. Every time a lucky player spins the jackpot wheel and hit the mega jackpot, a win of more over £/€/$ 1 million is guaranteed. When writing this review, our last check showed the major jackpot at £/€/$ 5,217,448.09. There’s only one white section of the wheel that corresponds to the mega jackpot, meaning that there is only a 5% chance of scooping the ultimate prize.

The Mega Moolah Jackpot is triggered randomly when playing the base game; sometimes, it is triggered even after a losing bet

Is Mega Moolah mobile?

Yes, you can play the Mega Moolah slot game using your mobile devices. Mega Moolah has been mobile since 2012, so you do not have to shoot for your favourite progressive jackpot only when before your desktop. Wherever you are, you can play Mega Moolah on a wide range of iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets).

You’ll not have a diminished experience when playing from mobile devices. Importantly, mobile players have the same chance of triggering the jackpot wheel or hitting the mega jackpot as desktop players. In fact, the current record win (more on this later) was from a mobile device.

How to Win the Mega Moolah Jackpot

You’ll find some platforms offering “how to win the mega moolah jackpot”. Technically, there is nothing you can do to win the mega moolah jackpot.

First, getting to the jackpot wheel for a shot at the jackpot is simply by luck, because the bonus round is randomly triggered. However, it is said that playing at the maximum bet amount increases the chances of triggering the bonus round. This does not mean that relatively lower bets cannot trigger the bonus round. In fact, one of the Mega Moolah highest wins ever was from a 25p bet.

Also, getting the bonus wheel does not mean you’ll scoop the mega jackpot. When you hit “spin” and set the wheel going, there’s no way to tip the odds to your favour. There’s a 50%, 30%, 15%, and 5% chance of hitting the mini, minor, major, and mega jackpots respectively. So, it’s just wishing that Lady Luck is happy with you on the day.

That said; for any shot at winning the mega moolah jackpot, you should simply play to get the bonus game – the jackpot wheel. You can do this by simply playing with the maximum bet, and playing for longer. Don’t just play a couple of rounds on the base game and give up. However, playing many rounds at maximum bet can easily burn a big hole in your wallet. Thus, you may have to find the right balance between bet amount and number of rounds you’ll play.

Mega Moolah Winners

The ultimate proof that the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot is legit is that there are many winners. You’ll be surprised at how frequently the other progressive jackpots are hit, especially the mini and minor jackpots. However, what makes the news is the winning of the mega jackpot. Every time, it is won, a millionaire is made, so why shouldn’t it make the news.

The mega jackpot was first won in 15/11/2007, a whooping 4,308,741.01. From that time till date, there has been 65 wins (65 mega moolah made millionaires). The last win (before writing this review) was on 17/08/2020, and it was a was a whooping €14,239,532.84.

For the insane winnings it gives players, Mega Moolah has found its way into the Guinness World record. The £13,213,838.68 won by Jon Heywood (a British soldier from United Kingdom) in October 2015 became the world record for biggest win from an online slot game. Not surprising, only Mega Moolah would break its own record. This happened when €18,910,668.01 was won in September 2018.

Mega Moolah Versions

While fans of the Lion King franchise will be drawn to the theme of Mega Moolah, the graphics and animation may not appeal to everyone, especially in an era where 3D technology is taking graphics and animation of slot games to new levels.

Thankfully, Microgaming has created other variations of Mega Moolah. These variants have different themes, and interestingly much improved graphics. Interestingly, they are all linked to the same pot, so whichever you play, you can chase the same mega moolah progressive jackpots. We know the African Savannah and animals are not everyone’s thing. Now you don’t have to stick with the Savanah theme or graphics you don’t like because you just cannot stop shooting for the jackpot. Play the Mega Moolah variants, which gives you your favourite jackpots, and your favourite theme. These variants are:

  • Mega Moolah Isis – This comes with an ancient Egyptian theme. It adds a gamble feature, and ups the free spins and the bonus round multiplier
  • Mega Moolah 5 Wheel Drive – This comes with a racing theme. It also ups the bonus round multiplier, but lowers the free spins
  • Mega Moolah Summertime – This comes with a summer theme, and has symbols reminiscent of classic slots. It also has a gamble feature, but fewer paylines.
  • Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad – This comes with a wonderland theme. This has 243 paylines, and more
  • Mega Moolah Atlanthean Treasures – This comes with an underwater theme. It adds expanding wilds and respins

Where to Play Mega Moolah

You’ll find Mega Moolah in many online casinos powered by Microgaming. With Microgaming being one of the biggest game suppliers, there are many Microgaming online casinos. You may want to check these legit online casinos from the Casino Reward Group. Some of these include:

Phoenician Casino
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Captain Cooks Casino
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Many of these casinos start with sumptuous welcome bonuses where new players get a number of chances on the Mega Moolah slot to become instant millionaires. Among these are:

Zodiac Casino
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Luxury Casino
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Mega Moolah Pros and Cons


  • Mega Moolah is very easy to play
  • Bet amount is £/€/$ 025 – £/€/$ 6.25, meaning it is ideal for every wallet size
  • You can play Mega Moolah on mobile
  • The Mega Moolah base games holds exciting features like Wild, Scatter, Free Spins, and multipliers
  • The Mega Moolah base game can give decent wins (up to 225,000 coins)
  • The bonus round (the jackpot wheel) is triggered randomly – by any bet amount (so you don’t have to be a high roller to have a shot at the mega jackpot), and even when not having a winning combo (so you can lose a game round and still get a chance to win millions).
  • Every section of the Jackpot Wheel corresponds to a jackpot, so a win is guaranteed every time the bonus round is triggered
  • The mega jackpot of the Mega Moolah slot starts growing from £/€/$ 1 million which means it is actually a millionaire maker
  • There are other variants of Mega Moolah allowing you still play for the popular progressive jackpots if you do not fancy the Savannah theme of the original game
  • With Microgaming being one of the biggest providers of casino software, there are many online casinos to play Mega Moolah


  • The graphics are dated (especially in an era of 3D slots)
  • No free play
  • The mega jackpot has a very low hit frequency

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