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Everyone wants to earn a little extra income; and the reasons for this are not hard to fathom. What enters our pockets never seems to be enough to cover our needs. The easier the “little extra income” can be earned, the better! Thankfully, over the years, the talk making the rounds is that one can earn by simply giving an opinion in surveys.

Can You Actually Make Money Online Taking Surveys?

The big question is whether this is just cheap talk, or whether one can actually earn by simply answering survey questions and giving his/ her opinion. The short answer is: YES.

Answering survey questions has come up as one of the easiest ways to earn money. With everything going online, taking surveys is not to be left behind. It joined the online bandwagon, making the whole “earning from paid surveys” thing even easier. With online paid surveys, you can earn from anywhere and at any time. It wouldn’t matter that you are: behind your office desk, reclining on your sofa, or on a commuter. All you need do is reach a website, find paid surveys, and simply give your honest opinions to the simple questions asked.

Why Will Anyone Pay for Your Opinions?

This takes us to how “Paid Surveys” works. Top companies and brands need customer feedback to improve their product and services, or to launch new products and services. Your feedback is invaluable; and these companies are willing to pay for this. However, they do not come to you directly. That’s either infeasible or unprofessional. They go to market research companies, who are expert at collecting customers’ feedback. The market research companies run different rewards sites, which brings the surveys to you (the customers whose feedback is needed). When you answer paid surveys in these survey sites, the sites give you a part of what was received from the companies who engaged them to collect and forward your opinion and thoughts.

Earning from Paid Surveys

This is simply how the survey sites pay you when you complete surveys. They one of three systems: a points system, a cash system, and a “points + cash” system.

  • With the points system, when you complete a survey, you are rewarded with points. After accumulating a particular amount of points, you can redeem them for cash or other prizes (like gift cards, travel miles, gadgets, etc). The point system is the most common payment system in the Paid Surveys world.
  • With the cash system, when you complete a survey, you are rewarded with hard cash. Only a few Paid Survey sites will give you cash straight up for your efforts.
  • With the “points + cash” system, you are rewarded with a combination of points and cash. That is, some surveys in the site pay in hard cash, while others pay in points (which are later redeemed for cash).

Whatever system is used, you ultimately get an account boost when you complete paid surveys in the survey sites.

How Much Can You Realistically Earn from Paid Surveys

In other words, can Paid Surveys make you rich? The short and honest answer is: No. A lot of persons hear/ read “make money online from Paid Surveys” and they jump into it excitedly hoping to hit fortunes. Hopes are dashed; and they return bashing the survey sites and the “make money online from Paid Surveys” talks. However, the problem was not the surveys sites but their expectations. Thus, we’ put it out here that Paid Survey Sites cannot make you rich.

We intentionally used the phrase “a little extra income” in the first paragraph of this page. With some good work, you can hit three figures. Else, you should only expect to be pulling out a couple of tens monthly.


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