InstaGC Review – Is InstaGC Legit or Scam?


Earn points for things you already do online (like completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and searching the web) … and redeem your points for gift cards”. That’s the promise of InstaGC.

The big question is whether InstaGC is a legit website where you can really receive free gift cards for doing simple things you already do online, or whether it is a scam site that’ll rip you off or waste your time when you complete tasks by refusing to pay. This GiantReviews’ examination of Offernation will help you answer this question and many more.

In this Review

  1. Introduction
    • What is InstaGC
    • How InstaGC Works
  2. Legitimacy and Safety
    • Is InstaGC legit?
    • Is InstaGC safe?
  3. Site Features
    • Availability
    • Mobile Use
    • Ticker
    • Setting Goals
  4. Making Money from InstaGC
    • Getting started
    • Ways to Earn
  5. Payment and Rewards
    • Payment Options
    • Cash-out Threshold
    • Cash-out Speed
  6. Customer Support Service
  7. Players Complaints
  8. Conclusion


What is InstaGC?

InstaGC is a GPT (Get Paid To) site. These are websites which reward members for doing some simple things online. These are really simple things, and most probably, things that you already do online, like answering survey questions, watching online videos, searching the web, and more. Wondering if and why anyone will pay you for doing these simple things? For the “if” part of the question; Yes, legit GPT sites pay members (so they are options for people that want to make a little extra money online). For the “why” part of the question; you can read this article here to find out how survey sites and GPT sites can afford to pay members for doing simple things that they most likely do online already.

That said; InstaGC is a GPT site where members can make a little extra income – a site for what has come to be known as “side hustling”. InstaGC was established in 2011. It is operated by Day Online Solutions LLC, which is a privately owned company in Sellersburg, Indiana.

How InstaGC Works

The name InstaGC is derived from Instant Gift Cards. Thus, the site’s modus operandi is primarily to pay members via gift cards, instantly delivered. InstaGC uses the points system.

To get the free gift cards, you’ll need to complete tasks in the site. For completing tasks, you’ll be rewarded with “points” which you can later convert to gift cards and other prizes. The points convert to real-life cash as follows: 1 point = $0.01. Thus, you’ll need 100 points to get a $1 gift card. Don’t worry, the current possible ways to earn points are many; and InstaGC continuously adds new possible ways to earn as well.

Before discussing the different ways to earn money in InstaGC, let’s look at the legitimacy and safety of the service.

Legitimacy and Safety

  • Is operated by a 100% legal, and BBB accredited company (Day Online Solutions LLC)
  • Has been operating since 2011
  • Members are paid – over 1,316,100 gift cards have been redeemed
  • Keeps users’ data safe using the industry standard security techniques

Is InstaGC legit?

Yes, InstaGC is a legit survey site/ GPT site.

Scam GPT sites will either rip you off and steal your money, or waste your time by making you do tasks and refusing to pay. We are sure that InstaGC is not a scam site that’ll steal from you or waste your time for the following reasons.

It comes from a 100% legal and legit operator. Day Online Solutions LLC (which operate InstaGC) is a fully registered company and a legit market research company. For those of you that value BBB ratings. Day Online Solutions LLC is BBB accredited since 2012.

Also, InstaGC has shown in its over 9 years in existence that it pays. First, a GPT site that has been around for this long and is still relevant can only be legit. Scam GPT sites that rip off their customers and/ or do not pay are uncovered with time; and when discovered, such sites lose relevance and, most often than not, die off. That said; that InstaGC remains relevance after 9 years speaks volume of its legitimacy. Apart from its sheer longevity; InstaGC has a record of paying members. As of writing, 1,316,100+ gift cards have been redeemed. You’ll see payment proofs of high rewards redemption in a photo wall in its Facebook page ( The system automatically posts single redemptions of $50 and above. Interestingly, this page has over 230,000 likes on Facebook. Also, you’ll find payment proofs of InstaGC posted by members in independent platforms.

Is InstaGC safe?

Yes, InstaGC is a safe survey site/ GPT site.

Being a safe GPT site, your sensitive information shared with InstaGC will be well-protected. We are sure of this because InstaGC uses industry-standard data protection techniques (128-bit SSL data encryption). Also, it will not share your data with third parties except you direct it to or it is required to do so by law.

Site Features

  • Available to persons worldwide
  • Available to persons between 13 and 18 years (but with parental consent)
  • Is mobile friendly
  • There’s a ticker feature that brings the site to life with real-time reports of members’ earnings
  • There’s a goal setting feature which will drive you to redeeming desired rewards
  • No mobile apps


InstaGC is a GPT site that can be used by persons worldwide. Unlike some GPT sites, it does not restrict persons from any country. Wherever you are, you can join InstaGC and use it for your side hustle, and earn some extra income online.

There’s even more – InstaGC can be used by a wider age bracket. Unlike some GPT sites that are available to only persons 18 years and older; InstaGC is available to persons 18 and older, as well as to persons 13 to 18 (albeit with parental consent).

Mobile Use

InstaGC works on mobile devices as well as it works on desktops. Thus, the side hustling of completing simple online tasks and earning some extra income can be done not only when you’re at home or at work, but also when you’re on the move. Commuting, in a queue somewhere, etc; it doesn’t matter, if you can use your phones, you can earn in InstaGC. However, InstaGC does not have mobile apps. You’ll have to reach the website through a web browser in your device. So that you’ll get the best no-app mobile experience possible, the website is fully mobile-optimized and will resize to any device.


There is a feature in the site that shows in real time tasks that other members have completed and what the amount of points they were credited. This interactive ticker is a fine motivation, as it lets you now that members like you are earning in the site.

Setting Goal

One unique part of InstaGC is its goal setting feature. You can set a particular gift card (or amount) as a goal. This gives you a sense of direction in the site. You’ll easily see how many points you need before you can redeem your desired gift card (or reward). Once you reach the goal, a redeem button will appear that you can click to receive the reward instantly.

Making Money from InstaGC

  • Easy to sign up as a member
  • Gives a join bonus – 10 points ($0.10)
  • Offers many ways to earn
  • Compensate members disqualified from surveys – 1 point for each disqualification, up to 5 points per day
  • Offers an interesting referral commission – 10 points for each confirmed referral + 10% of what they earn
  • Rate of disqualification from surveys seems to be high

Getting Started

Hit any sign-up page on the link and you fill the short registration form by providing your basic information. This will take no more than 2 minutes. If you’re registering from outside Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, or United States, you’ll need a verified PayPal account.

Did we say there’s a join bonus? Simply for joining, InstaGC will reward you with $10 (which is $0.10). Not the biggest join bonus you’ll find, but it comes with no conditions whatsoever.

Ways to Earn

As a GPT site, InstaGC gives members a variety of ways to earn. These include:

  • Answer surveys – You’ll find many surveys listed that you can answer to earn points. You can expect to earn 20 – 150 points (which is $0.20 – $1.50) for each completed survey. However, it is not every survey that you attempt that you’ll take to completion. Surveys are targeted at specific profiles; so, expect to be disqualified from some surveys. However, because you would have spent some time on surveys before getting disqualified, InstaGC gives token points as compensation. It gives 1 point for each of the first 5 disqualifications, so you can get 5 token points a day. While the commendation is small, it is far better than receiving nothing, as it is in many other GPT sites.
  • Download programs – You’ll find apps to download to earn points. Just download the app, and install it (and all add-ons included in the download). Then open and use the program a minimum of 5 – 15 minutes; and you’ll be credited.
  • Figure Eight tasks – You’ll find Figure Eights tasks from Appen to complete for some points. Simple set up your Figure Dashboard, go to the Figure Eight offer wall, and follow the instructions to complete the simple tasks.
  • Search the Web – InstaGC has a search engine; install it and use it for your online searches, and you’ll earn points. Simply use it like any other search engine – make genuine searches, and click results you’re actually interested in.
  • Signup for Offers – You’ll find offers to sign up for trials of products/ services for a period of time. Watch out for trial offers that request credit card details, as these will either require you to make a purchase, or automatically make you a paying member after the trial period.
  • Visit Sites – You’ll find offers inviting you to visit some sites for a brief period and earn points.
  • Watch Videos – You’ll find short and oft interesting videos that you can watch to earn points. Typically, you’ll be credited 1 point for every 20 videos watched.
  • Sweepstakes – InstaGC often run sweepstakes where lucky winners are randomly selected to receive significant number of points. You can use points earned to buy entries into the sweepstakes.
  • Refer Others – Use your unique referral link to invite persons to InstaGC, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. The referral commission is: 10 points for each confirmed referral signup that is from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, or United States + 10% of earnings from all referrals except from bonuses they receive. Getting 10 points for each referral confirmed means that you can earn from referrals even without them completing any earning activity. However, you’ll need referrals from AU, CA, UK, or US, else you’ll always miss out on the 10 points.  
  • Weekly Bonus – Every week, you can earn up to 5% bonus from completing tasks and referring persons. The bonus percentage is then applied to the total amounts of points earned in the week. Thus, if you earn a 2% bonus in the week, and total points of 1,000; then you’ll be credited a weekly bonus of 20 points.

Payment and Rewards

  • Points can be redeemed via gift cards as well as eChecks, Direct Deposits, PayPal, Prepaid Cards, and Crypto currency
  • Minimum cash-out amount is $1
  • Cash-outs are fast – instant via gift cards or PayPal
  • US (as well as UK and Canada) members cannot have PayPal payment from the start


Payment Options

The name InstaGC (Instant Gift Cards) says it all. The preferred payment option is gift cards. InstaGC has over 330 gift cards in its reward page that you can request. You’ll find gifts cards from virtually every business.

Interestingly, InstaGC now has other rewards which includes: eChecks, Direct Deposits, PayPal, Prepaid Cards, and Crypto currency. Know that, Crypto payments are possible only after redeeming at least $50 using other options. The same thing applies to PayPal payments for members in Canada, UK, and the US. However, all other countries will have access to PayPal from registration.

Cash-out Threshold

InstaGC has a low cash-out threshold. If you’ve accumulated 100 points (which is $1.00), you’ll be able to cash-out. You’ll find lots of $1.00 gift cards for points redemption. However, for most of the other reward options, you’ll need to have a minimum of 500 points (which is $5.00) to cash-out.

Cash-out Speed

How fast will you receive your payment? The name InstaGC answers that. When you request gift cards, they are delivered instantly. All gift cards are digital/ electronic; and are instantly sent to the email address on file.

When using PayPal, payments are also instantly received. However, Bitcoin payments are received in 1 – 2 days, eChecks are received in 1 – 3 days, while Direct Deposits are received in 1 – 4 days. First time payments via Prepaid cards will take 1 – 7 days, while subsequent payments are instantly processed.

Customer Support Service

InstaGC has a detailed knowledgebase, which is a fine resource for users who don’t mind finding answers themselves.

The knowledgebase has sections like: Account, Rewards, Points, Guides, Take a tour, and Support tickets. So, you’ll find support articles on virtually every subject relating to using InstaGC.

A support team is also available that you can directly contact for assistance. Reaching a support agent requires raising a support ticket. InstaGC says all support tickets are answered within 48 hours, which is not as fast as users will sometimes want. Unfortunately, like most GPT sites, contact channels that supports instant feedback (such as telephone and live chat) are not available.

Players Complaints

InstaGC is not the perfect GPT site. In fact, it is does not have the highest ratings out there. For example, as of writing, InstaGC had a 3/ 5 rating in Sitejabber, and a 3.6/ 5 rating in Trustpilot.

You’ll find users complaining mostly about: high rate of disqualifications from surveys, sometimes not getting credited for tasks completed, freezing of points earned, and poor customer service.

It is true that no matter the GPT site, users should not expect to qualify for every survey. However, that InstaGC users seem to always complain about disqualifications can only mean that the rate of disqualification is a bit high in InstaGC.

Also, many users complain of not being credited for tasks completed. InstaGC recognizes this, and always deflects to its third-party offer providers. We understand that partners may sometimes delay in crediting users or not credit users altogether. However, that many InstaGC users complain of this, means it’s cause for concern.

InstaGC agrees that it freezes points, but says that is done for loss prevention and precaution. While points are frozen, users cannot cash-out, so it is definitely a problem. Unlike some sites that “locks” users’ account when fraud is suspected, the points freezing of InstaGC cannot be so explained. For example, points valued at 225+ earned from any single task is frozen. Thus, when using InstaGC, you should brace yourself for this.

One of the most popular complaints of InstaGC users is poor customer support services. Specifically, users complain of long delays in answering support tickets, or not answering tickets altogether. InstaGC admits the former adding that users do not help by creating multiple tickets but it strongly denies the latter. Whatever the case, there are too may complaints of poor customer service; and there’s no smoke without fire.


InstaGC is short for Instant Gift Cards; and it is everything its name says. It is a GPT website where members who complete simple online tasks are rewarded with free gift cards delivered instantly. InstaGC is very legit. Members get paid – and there are lots of payment proofs to this effect.

More than being legit, InstaGC gives its members many ways to earn money online including taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web, signing up for offers, and more. There’s a small join bonus to get you started; and there’s a handsome referral bonus to help you rack up the points even when you’re sleeping.

Interestingly, you can have the money in your hand as fast as possible. The cash-out threshold is only $1; and payment is fast. Yes, gift cards are instantly issued and received. Interestingly, a variety of cash payments options are also supported. An example is PayPal payment which are also instantly received.

However, you’ll have to brace yourself for disqualifications from surveys, having points frozen, or not getting the best of support services. Sure, it is not the “perfect” GPT site; but on the whole, InstaGC has a lot going for it than against it. Thus, InstaGC is one GPT site we’ll use and can recommend. To get started, visit the site here:


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