Fashion Nova Review – Is this popular fashion store legit or a scam?


Fashion Nova is a leading quick-to-market apparel and lifestyle brand that is driven by its mission to make affordable fashion accessible to customers around the world. Thus, the promise of Fashion Nova is delivering the season’s most wanted styles at affordable prices.

The big question is whether Fashion Nova lives up to this promise. That is, is Fashion Nova a legit fashion store to get on-trend fashion styles at affordable prices? Or is it a scam store only sweettalking people in so as to rip them off?

This Fashion Nova review will put the popular fashion store under the microscope in order to answer this question.

What is Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova is a Los Angeles based fashion company which sells trendy fashion pieces for kids, men, and women of all shapes and sizes.

Fashion Nova is owned and operated by Richard Saghian. It was founded in 2006 with the launch of its Panorama City store, and has grown include 4 other stores across Southern California. The 5 Fashion Nova physical stores are located in Panorama, Burbank, Montebello, Northridge, and Topanga. However, what opened Fashion Nova to the world is the launch of its online store in 2013. The Fashion Nova online store can be found at

Obsessed with being the forefront of fashion, Fashion Nova recruited thousands of social media influencers to promote the brand. One after the other, A-list celebrities (like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna, and others) and top socialites who have huge social media following were spotted wearing elegant Fashion Nova pieces, encouraging their followers to do same, and even dropping Fashion Nova discount codes. Some of the hottest chart-topping hits (from the likes of The Game, Tyga, City Girls, and more) also featured Fashion Nova in their lyrics. Before long, Fashion Nova captured the internet and became a household name.

Now to the big question…

Is Fashion Nova legit?

There’s no doubt about that. Fashion Nova is very legit. It is not an obscure foreign company that’ll scam you and disappear with your money. Rather, it is a legit Los Angeles company that you can trust to deliver your orders of latest, trending fashion styles.

Fashion Nova has a robust team that monitors social media channels. The team catches trending styles and also forecasts fashion trends, which it sends to a design team to produces samples. Using these sample products, Fashion Nova works with a host of sewing factories across Los Angeles to produce trending styles and make them available in the site at a moment’s notice. This way, Fashion Nova is able to introduce 1,000+ new arrivals to the site every week.

What Fashion Products do Fashion Nova offer?

Fashion Nova features a humongous collection which is divided into four collections– Women, Curve, Men, Kids, and Beauty. Each “collection” features numerous product categories.

For example:

  • In the Women’s collection, you can shop from the following categories: Dresses, Sets, Jumpsuits & Rompers, Jeans, Tops & Bodysuits, Graphic Tees, Pants & Leggings, Shorts & Skirts, Lingerie, Swim, Shoes, Accessories, Jackets, Beauty, Activewear, Nova Sport, Nova Vintage, and NovaLuxe  
  • The Curve collection is the place for Plus Women. There you can shop from the following categories: Clothing, Dresses, Sets, Lounge, Jeans, Tops, Bottoms, Lingerie, Swim, Shoes, and Accessories
  • In the Men’s collection, you can shop from the following categories: Clothing, Jeans, Graphic Tees, Hoodies & Sweat, Tops, Bottoms, Jackets, Big & Tall, and Accessories
  • In the Kids’ collection, there are two categories – Girls (where you’ll find Matching Sets, Dresses, Jumpsuits & Rompers, Tops, Bottoms, Jackets, and Shoes & Accessories) and Boys (where you’ll find Tops, Bottoms, and Jackets).
  • In the Beauty collection, you can shop from the following categories: Makeup, Body, Skin care, Hair, Nail, and Brands (where you’ll find Maven, boscia, Dose of Colors, Sigma, etc)

With these collections (Fashion Nova Women, Fashion Nova CURVE, Fashion Nova MEN, Fashion Nova KIDS, and Fashion Nova Beauty), regardless of shape, personal style, or gender, Fashion Nova is there to fit everyone.

In terms of quality, you will find a few customers complaining of receiving poor quality items, but this is drowned by many raving reviews by customers satisfied with the quality of their Fashion Nova orders.

What are the Prices of Fashion Nova like?

Fashion Nova has declared that its mission has always been “making affordable fashion accessible to customers around the world”.

The listing prices of the products in the site says as much. Fashion Nova sells its trending fashion pieces cheap.

Dresses are as low as $13.99, with the majority of the styles available for under $40. Sets can be picked up from between $12.99 to $30.99. Women shoes are as low as $8.99, elegant Heels and Wedges are available for $16.99 to $26.99, and a host of Thigh High Boots are available for around $25.99.

On why Fashion Nova is cheap, it represents itself as slimming its profit margins in order to make its products more affordable. For example, Fashion Nova CEO, Richard Saghian is quoted as saying “We’re trying to make the fashion industry play by the rules. I don’t think it’s fair for a brand to sell an item for $100 that they made for $20”.

Fashion Nova Promo Codes

In pursuant of its mission of “making affordable trendy fashion accessible to all”, Fashion Nova offers scores of promo codes which slash listed prices.

When putting up this review, there was an offer to “Get your entire order for 30% off”. You can also shop from the “Sales” section of the site to find amazingly slashed prices. Sweet Fashion Nova promo codes also drops in the social handles of the brand and those of its numerous ambassadors.

What Payment Methods does Fashion Nova support?

You can pay for your Fashion Nova orders using the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Fashion Nova Gift Cards, Apply Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and QuadPay.

QuadPay is a “Buy Now, Pay Later” solution that allows shoppers pay for their Orders (of $35 or more) in 4 small instalments over time (the first payment is due at purchase, and the other payments are due every 2 weeks).

Fashion Nova employs relevant organizational, technical and physical safeguards in protecting the personal information it collects. So, you can be rest assured that your financial information will not be compromised as a result of your activities in the Fashion Nova site. That is, shopping in Fashion Nova is safe.

Fashion Nova Shipping

Fashion Nova ships: to all the US States, to Canada, and to many countries of the world. However, “Beauty” products ships to only the US and Canada.

For US domestic orders, the shipping costs and delivery times will depend on the shipping option used (Standard Shipping, Expedited Shipping, or Rush Shipping). The time from when you place your order to when you will receive it is: up to 7 days for Standard Shipping, up to 4 days for Expedited Shipping, and 1 day for Rush Shipping. The US shipping costs are as follows:

Shipping OptionOrders under $75Orders over $75
Standard Shipping$4.99FREE
Expedited Shipping$9.99$4.99
Rush Shipping$14.99$9.99

For international orders, Fashion Nova supports only two shipping options – Standard Shipping and Express Shipping. Standard Shipping takes 5 – 7 days to Canada, and 7 – 12 days to the rest of the World; while Express Shipping takes 2 – 3 days to Canada, and 4 – 6 days to the rest of the World. Know that a processing time of up to 4 days applies to these advertised shipping times for international orders. The international shipping costs are as follows:

Shipping OptionOrders under $125Orders over $125
Standard Shipping$7.99 (Canada orders = $6.99)FREE
Express Shipping$15.00$15.00

For those that want to know if Fashion Nova offers free shipping, yes, it does. You’ll get free standard shipping for (i) Fashion Nova orders of over $75 going to US addresses (ii) Fashion Nova orders of over $125 going outside the US).

Returns and Refund

Can you return a Fashion Nova item and get a refund?

Yes! Fashion Nova says that it will process refunds for items that are “proved to be received damaged, defective, or incorrect”. This will mean that you will have a hard time returning a Fashion Nova item simply because you have a change of mind or do not like it.

For returns to be approved, the “damaged, defective, or incorrect” items must be reported within 7 days of delivery. For returns to be accepted, the items must be unworn, unwashed and unaltered; they must also be in their original condition (including all paperwork, original tags, accessories, and packaging).

Can you exchange items?

No, Fashion Nova does not offer product exchanges. You’ll have to return the unwanted item, get refunded, and place an order for the new item.

When will you get your refund?

Fashion Nova says it takes 2-5 business days to clear your refund; and that depending on your financial institution, the refund amount may take up to 10 business days to post to your account. Know that refunds are issued to the original form of payment used in an order.

Contacting Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova has a Support team you can reach out to for anything relating to its service. However, the only way to reach out is by sending an email via its online ticketing system. Unfortunately, telephone service, live chat, and other swift response options are not supported.

Fashion Nova Complaints

Unfortunately, not everyone has only good things to say about Fashion Nova. Thus, despite the somewhat good rating of Fashion Nova in the top customers review platforms, you’ll find some Fashion Nova complaints. The significant ones are:

Problems with Promo Codes

As mentioned earlier, Fashion Nova offers different promo codes, advertised as means for shoppers to get products at reduced prices. However, just too many customers complain that they applied promo codes but were still charged full price.

In what has been termed “discount fraud”, some persons seriously believe that the promos codes plastered everywhere by Fashion Nova are simply to draw people in, who will then be charged full price.

To this, we can only say that it is very unfortunate to have your promo code somehow not applied by the system. We can definitely say that many shoppers enjoy and continue to enjoy reduced prices via Fashion Nova promo codes.

Problem with Delivery Times

There are also too many customers complaining of late delivery. Unfortunately, included are customers who pay for expedited shipping. The late delivery complaints suggest that, most of the time, Fashion Nova does not deliver as advertised.

Yes, late deliveries hurt. Especially, if you had planned to use the items for an event that has come and gone, and your order is yet to come. We’ll advice that, to avoid disappointments, you do not order too close to your event.

Problems with Returns and Refunds

The worst of the reviews you’ll find on Fashion Nova has to do with “returns and refunds”.

  • Many customers complain that Fashion Nova will not approve “Returns” for them. Sometimes, the items in question are not “final sales” which cannot be returned according to the Return Policy, but “wrong items” or “damaged items” which according to their Return Policy can be returned.
  • Some customers complain of being made to pay return shipping, even for when incorrect or damaged items are received. The anger is that when the reason for returning the item is the company’s, it should bear return costs.
  • Other customers complain of being given store credits instead of being credited real money. The anger is that store credit forces you to buy from the company again.

Our Thoughts on Fashion Nova

What we think of Fashion Nova is not different from what many others think – it is a legit fashion store. Whether you are shopping from one of the 5 Fashion Nova stores in California, or from the Fashion Nova online store, you will find trendy fashion styles at very good prices. More so, on the whole, the quality of Fashion Nova items is fine. Thus, Fashion Nova is one fashion store we can recommend.

That this is also the view of most people who have shopped Fashion Nova can be seen by the overall rating of the brand in top customer review platforms. For example: in Trustpilot, Fashion Nova has an overall rating of 3.5/ 5, with 50% of over 11,000 customers giving the brand an “excellent” rating. Also, in Site Jabber, Fashion Nova has an overall rating of 4.07/ 5, with over 63% of 13,800 customers giving it a 5-star rating.

Fashion Nova Pros and Cons


  • A hub of the latest fashion styles
  • Caters to every gender, age, body type
  • Its trendy styles are relatively cheap
  • Quality is generally good
  • Offers free shipping
  • Offers numerous promo codes
  • Supports popular payment methods
  • Financing is available via QuadPay
  • Shopping Fashion Nova is safe (sensitive financial data is well protected)


  • Does not offer product exchanges
  • Returns are only allowed for items received damaged, defective or incorrect
  • There are many complaints about the Fashion Nova “Returns and Refund” process
  • The only contact option supported is emailing via its online ticketing system

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