Best Scented Candles for 2021 – Top Picks from Real Users Reviews and Ratings


When candles were first developed, their function was only to illuminate spaces. Just like every other creation of man, candles evolved over time, and this evolution brought about scented candles.

Scented candles are not needed primarily to illuminate rooms and spaces. They are needed as decorative accents with different uses and benefits. For example:

  • The soft flickering of their golden glows changes the ambiance of any space and add a sense of warmth.
  • Scented candles give off pleasant fragrances as they burn. Your room and spaces will smell good. You can kiss the bad smells that make you wince goodbye.
  • Because scents stimulate the part of the brain that is home to our memory and emotions, the sweet fragrances from scented candles can have calming effect, improve positive feelings, and lift your spirits.

Now that you know some of the reasons why you should use scented candles, the question is ‘what are the best scented candles to buy in 2021?’

Choosing a scented candle can be overwhelming because there are many of them in the market. For this reason, you’ll be glad you found this page. We’ll help you navigate the waters. Using real users reviews and ratings, we have created a list of the best scented candles for this second half of 2021. This means that the scented candles in this list are tested and trusted.

Without wasting time and pace, here is our list of the best scented candles for 2021.

1.  Dianne’s Custom Candles, Odor Eliminating, McIntosh Apple Scented Candle

Odor Eliminating, McIntosh Apple Scented Candle from Dianne’s Custom Candles
BrandDianne’s Custom Candles
ScentMcIntosh Apple
Burn Time80 hours
Product Dimensions3.38 x 3.38 x 4.25 inches
Weight12 ounces

This scented candle from Dianne’s Custom Candles performs the double function of odor eliminating, and freshening up your spaces with inviting fragrances

·       Odor eliminating

Some of the best scented candles you’ll find only mask offensive odors. However, this ‘Odor Eliminating McIntosh Apple Scented Candle’ from Dianne’s Custom Candles does not only masks offensive odors, it actually captures offensive odors and gets rid of them.

Do you want to eliminate smoke and smoking odors from your room or office? Do you want to eliminate bathroom odor so that your home or office is more inviting for others? Do you want to eliminate Pet odors from kennels, litter boxes, pet beds, and more? Do you want to eliminate cooking odors from your home or commercial kitchen?

If your answer is Yes, you need this Odor Eliminating, McIntosh Apple Scented Candle from Dianne’s Custom Candles. It quickly eliminates 95% of Pet smells, Smoking smells, Kitchen and Food smells, and other smells.

·       Freshening up your space with inviting fragrance

The best scented candles fill your home and spaces with exhilarating inviting fragrances. This scented candle comes with McIntosh Apple color and scents so that it fills your home with luxurious apple scent.

If you want the best long lasting scented candles, this ‘Odor Eliminating, McIntosh Apple Scented Candle from Dianne’s Custom Candles’ is a great choice. It gives up to 80 hours of burn time.


  • Eliminates (not mask) 95% of offensive odors
  • Long-lasting scented candle with up to 80 hours burn time


  • The scent is not strong

2.  Bath and Body Works, Japanese Cherry Blossom 3-Wick Candle

Japanese Cherry Blossom Scented Candle from Bath and Body Works
BrandBath and Body Works
ScentJapanese Cherry Blossom
Burn time25 – 45 hours
Product Dimension4 x 4 x 3.5 inches
Weight14.5 Ounce

The Japanese Cherry Blossom scent is a favourite of many people. It is why you have room spray, body wash, body cream, perfumes, and many other lifestyle products with the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent. If you’re a fan of this exotic scent, this scented candle was made with you in mind.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom 3-Wick Candle from Bath and Body Works also does more than fill your room and spaces with inviting exotic fragrances. The scented candle comes in a nice glass jar, which makes it a nice-looking scented candle that can be used as a gorgeous decorative piece.

Add the 3 wicks design to the gorgeous container, and this is one of the best scented candles for romance you’ll find. Imagine a dark lit room filled with the exotic scent of Japanese Cherry Blossom, having beautiful décor that includes gorgeous fiery-red glass containers each holding 3 golden flames. Romantic.

However, if you want the best scented candles cheap, the Japanese Cherry Blossom 3 Wick Candle is not one for you. As of writing, this scented candle cost $23.89, which is relatively high. It is also not among the best long-lasting scented candles as it gives only 25 – 45 hours burn time.


  • Very Beautiful
  • Exotic Japanese Cherry Blossom scent


  • Quite expensive
  • Not long-lasting

3.  Tricolor 3 Pack Scented Soy Wax Candle Set

3 Pack Soy Wax Scented Candle from Tricolor
ScentLavender, Orange blossom & Vetiver, and Rose & Teakwood
Burn Time100 Hours
Package Dimension7.87 x 4.25 x 4.21 inches
Weight4.5 ounces

The Tricolor Scented Soy Wax Candle Set gives you not 1 but 3 scented candles. With one purchase, you get 3 premium scents – relaxing Lavender, gentle Orange blossom & Vetiver, and romantic Rose & Teakwood.

This Tricolor Candle Set is one of the best scented candles for 2021 because it gives special scents for every special moment. The different floral scents make the Tricolor Candle Set one of the best scented candles for relaxation. Light this scented candle and create alluring fragrances which can relieve stress and tension, calm emotions, and bring you a relaxed feeling.

If you want one of the best strongly scented candles in the market, this Tricolor Candle Set is a great choice. You will light some scented candles and will struggle to perceive the scent, but this scented candle will fill your room with alluring scents without even lighting it. Simply take the lid off and keep it open, and you will enjoy the scent. It is simply one of the strongest smelling candles.

The 3 aromatherapy candles have a burn time of about 100 hours, so it is one of the best long-lasting scented candles in the market.

With 3 premium scents, strongly scented, long-lasting, and costing only $19.99, the Tricolor Scented Soy Wax Candle gives great value for money. 


  • 3 premium scents
  • Has strong scent
  • Long lasting (burn time of approximately 100 hours)
  • Relatively cheap


  • The containers are easy to carry in travel, but somewhat dull

4.  Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Scented Soy Aromatherapy Candle

Scented Soy Aromatherapy Candle from Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day
BrandMrs Meyer’s Clean Day
ScentLemon Verbena
Burn Time35 Hours
Product Dimensions7.38 x 3.81 x 4.5 inches
Weight14.4 ounces

The garden inspired this scented candle, just like all other Mrs Meyer Clean Day products. It will fill your home with the fresh and zesty scent of Lemon Verbena.

The candle is made from renewable ingredients like soy wax and vegetable wax, and it comes in a cute jelly glass that makes it very giftable.

The candle comes in a pack of 2. It will feel like paying for one and getting double. Mrs Meyer Clean Day double Scented Soy Aromatherapy Candle burns for about 35 hours.


  • Fresh and zesty spring scent
  • Comes in a cute jelly glass that makes it a great candle gift


  • Poor packaging sometimes cause glass to break in transit

5.  Gisly Scented Candles for Women with Rose & Blackcurrant Mixed Fragrance

Rose & Blackcurrant Mixed Fragrance Scented Candles for Women from Gisly
ScentRose and Blackcurrant
Burn Time35 – 40 Hours
Product Description4.61 x 4.33 x 4.21 inches
Weight13.6 ounces

The Gisly Scented Candle for Women is exotic. It is made of 92% soy wax and 8% essential oil, so the aroma is strong and lasting, to bring you lasting relaxation and pleasure.

The ingenious mix of blackcurrant and rose fragrances is sweetly intoxicating, making this Gisly soy candle one of the best scented candles for relaxation. The top note has a refreshing mix of citrus and black currant fragrance, then it slowly morphs into a sweet rose fragrance.

The elegant design of this soy candle makes it one of the best scented candles for romance. The transparent glass jar reveals the warm glowing fire which is warm and beautiful, and its unique light and shadow design easily create a romantic atmosphere when the candle is half burnt.

If you want strongly scented candles, this Gisly Scented Candle for Women is a great choice. Even when it is not lit, you can still enjoy a sweet faint fragrance filling your space. It’ll give you 35 – 40 hours burn time, so it is a fine pick if you need long-lasting scented candles.


  • A unique mix of Blackcurrant and Rose Fragrances
  • Very beautiful and elegant glass jar
  • Has strong scent
  • A unique light and shadow design that create a romantic atmosphere
  • Long-lasting scented candle that burns for 35 – 40 hours


  • High shipping and import fees may apply

6.  Chesapeake Bay Candle, Balance + Harmony (Water Lily Pear) Large Scented Candle

Water Lily Large
BrandChesapeake Bay Candle
Burn Time70 Hours
Product Dimensions3.2 x 3.2 x 6.2 inches
Weight2.12 pounds (33.9 ounces)

This is one of the best scented candles for relaxation. Blending sweetly with a duo of pear and peach is a natural elixir of tropical and fresh floral notes. The combination of juicy tropical fruits fragrances will take you on a journey into wellness for the mind and body.

The soft colored frosted glass jar not only allows the light to shine through but is capable of creating a romantic setting. 

Also, if you are looking for the best long-lasting scented candles, go for this large glass jar as its approximate burn time is 70 hours. Lastly, this scented candle cost only $14.99, so is a great choice if you want the best scented candles cheap.


  • Long lasting scented candle with approximate burn time of 70 hours
  • Relatively cheap


  • The scent could be dull

Final Thoughts

You really should light a scented candle. The beautiful presence, the soft and romantic glow, the sweet fragrance, and the calming and therapeutic effects are just some of the reasons why you should.

This carefully curated list of the best scented candles for 2021 gives you tested and trusted scented candles. They are also some of the best scented candles on Amazon. The large amounts of scented candles in the market will no longer overwhelm you.

The scented candles in this list are also 100% safe. There are many articles about the problems with scented candles, or why you shouldn’t use scented candles. These articles will tell you (and rightfully) that some scented candles:

  • have wicks that contain heavy metals like lead which is hazardous
  • are made of paraffin wax which create toxic chemicals when burned
  • are a source of indoor pollution

However, you can shelve those worries when it comes to the scented candles on this list. This is because they have:

  • 100% natural fiber cotton wicks that are lead-free
  • wax and oils that are free from any harmful chemicals or additives
  • clean burn – no black smoke during the burning process

These best Scented Candles for 2021 are waiting for you, to beautify your space with their golden glow, freshen up your space with their sweet fragrances, and calm you with their therapeutic effects.


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