10 Reasons to Choose Stoneberry Credit for Online Credit Shopping


Stoneberry Credit promises financial freedom, saying it allows you to shop with total peace of mind so that you can live better now.

Yes, the only thing better than purchasing high-quality products to live better now is the financial freedom to make the purchases.

The question is whether Stoneberry Credit gives the financial freedom to make purchases. That is, hope it is not one of those services that promise so much and do so little. First, what is Stoneberry, and the Stoneberry Credit? Is Stoneberry Credit a reliable credit facility? What are the reasons to choose Stoneberry Credit?

This Stoneberry Credit Review will cover all of these and related questions.

Stoneberry vs Stoneberry Credit

Stoneberry is an online store where you can buy a host of brand-name goods. These include apparel and jewelry and watches, footwear, beauty and personal care products, home furnishings, electronics and appliances, and more. Visit the retail store here: www.stoneberry.com.

However, Stoneberry is not your typical online store for online shopping. Rather, it is popular as an online store for online credit shopping. This is because of a credit facility that it offers called the Stoneberry Credit.

So, Stoneberry Credit is a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ solution for online credit shopping. It allows you the freedom to buy anything you want today, and pay for it later. You’ll be given credit up to an amount to make your purchases, after which you’ll have to make small installment payments until you have paid off your purchase.

How Stoneberry Credit works

Why you should consider Stoneberry Credit

If you want online credit shopping, why should you consider using Stoneberry Credit over other credit facilities?

We have 10 reasons why you should, as follows:

1. Stoneberry Credit allows you to shop over 60,000 Products

Stoneberry Credit is a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ facility that Stoneberry offers its customers. However, it is not only the Stoneberry retail store that accepts the Stoneberry credit card. Stoneberry’s family of brands also accepts Stoneberry Credit.

These other brands are Masseys, Mason Easy-Pay, K.Jordan, Fifth & Glam Beauty. These 5 sites combined, offer you over 60,000 high-quality products.

Retailers Accepting Stoneberry Credit
  • Stoneberry is home to brand-name home furnishings, appliances and electronics, jewelry, and more
  • Masseys is home to a variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories
  • Mason Easy-Pay is a place where budget-minded shoppers will find the latest styles of clothing and fabulous shoes
  • K.Jordan is a place where you’ll find trending women clothing of all sizes, even up to 5x
  • Fifth & Glam is a beauty shop where you’ll find the best of makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, and more

Thus, while Stoneberry Credit limits you to shopping in Stoneberry and its family of brands, it does not limit you in terms of what you can buy.

A host of products to buy when using Stoneberry Credit
Over 60,000 Products to buy with Stoneberry Credit

2. Stoneberry Credit is Easy and Convenient

With Stoneberry Credit, you can get pre-qualified instantly. There is only a short form to fill to get pre-qualified. Pre-qualifications are instant, and you can start shopping with confidence.

3. Stoneberry Credit Application will not hurt your Credit Score

Also, applying for Stoneberry Credit will not hurt your credit score. At this stage, the Stoneberry credit check is only a soft credit check that will not affect your credit report.

The soft check has the same effect as when you check your credit score. It will not even be visible to lenders when they pull your credit report for checks.

However, after the pre-qualification process, if you place your first order, Stoneberry will do a hard credit check which will show in your credit report. Also, defaulting in payments will impact your credit score.  

4. Stoneberry Credit Limit is High

The first time you apply for Stoneberry Credit, you can get up to $1,000 of credit. So, Stoneberry Credit ensures that you have high spending power even when shopping on credit.

Interestingly, the $1,000 credit limit is just the starting point. If you are faithful to your payments, you can qualify for a higher credit limit and increase your spending power. Users can get credit increase up to two times a year.

5. No Stoneberry Credit Score Requirement

Are you wondering what credit score you need to apply for Stoneberry credit? There are no credit score requirements to apply for Stoneberry Credit. This means that whatever your credit score, you can apply for Stoneberry credit and get a line of credit.

However, this does not mean that you are guaranteed credit. If your credit score is tainted with late payments, Stoneberry may not approve credit for you or may offer you a reduced amount.

6. Stoneberry Credit gives you a long time to pay

One problem with ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ facilities is that the next payment is seemingly always by the corner. That is, there is usually little time between payments. Typically, payments are due every 2 weeks, and buyers have only 6 weeks to pay off their purchase.

If you do not want the stress that comes with such a short payment window, Stoneberry Credit is for you. Using this credit facility, you’re required to make payments, not every 2 weeks, but every month. Depending on your order total, you can have more than 12 installments to pay off your purchase. That is over 1 year to pay.

7. Stoneberry Credit allows you to make very small installment payments

Another problem with many of the popular credit facilities is that minimum payments are usually high. Typically, these facilities have a “Pay In 4 installments” structure. So, if you make a large order, even after splitting it into four, you’ll still have to make relatively large minimum payments.  

Stoneberry Credit solves this problem. Stoneberry Credit boasts that payments are as low as $5.99 per month. Since it allows payments to be spread over a longer period, it can offer relatively smaller payment amounts.

Stoneberry Credit allows low monthly payments
Low Monthly Payments

The minimum monthly payment is dependent on the credit line balance as follows:

Credit Line BalanceMinimum Monthly Payment
$0 – $5.99100% of amount
$6 – $49.99$5.99
$50 – $74.99$7.99
$75 – $99.99$9.99
$100 – $149.99$14.99
$150 – $199.99$19.99
$200 – $249.99$24.99
$250 – $299.99$27.99
$300 – $349.99$28.99
$350 – $449.99$29.99
$450 – $599.99$33.99
$600 – $799.99$46.99
$800 – $1,099.99$59.99
$1,100 – $1,299.99$69.99
$1,300 and above5% of amount

In the typical ‘Pay In 4’ credit facilities, paying back an $80 credit will require making minimum payments of $20. But with Stoneberry Credit, paying back $80 will require making minimum payments of $9.99, and this is due monthly.

8. Multiple Ways to Make Payment

Stoneberry Credit makes sure that making your payments is stress-free. It provides convenient ways for making your payments. After receiving your monthly billing statement, you may:

  • log in to your account and pay using a credit or debit card
  • mail Stoneberry a personal check. You’ll need to contact customer support for instructions.
  • mail Stoneberry hard cash. Customer support also needs to be contacted.

9. Stoneberry Credit does not charge unnecessary fees

Stoneberry Credit boasts that it is free of fees. It is.

There are no annual membership fees. You will not pay any fee to apply for Stoneberry Credit.

There are also no over-limit fees. Should you want to purchase something that costs more than your limit, you will not be charged additional fees. However, you will have to make a down payment of the difference.

However, should you not make payment on time, you will be charged a late fee. The amount of the fee depends on where you are resident in the U.S., but it is not more than $15. Also, if your payment does not go through because of an overdraft, you’ll be charged a fee, which will be between $15 and $25 depending on where you are resident.

10. Products Bought with Stoneberry Credit Ship Fast

You will want to get your order fast. That is what happens when you do online credit shopping using Stoneberry Credit.

Items are shipped within 24 hours after credit approval, and you’ll receive them in 5 – 7 business days depending on where you are resident.

Also, you can get priority shipping which takes 3 – 5 days, or Express shipping which takes 1 – 3 days. These expedited shipping options come with service fees of $10 and $20 respectively, which are in addition to the standard shipping costs.

Final Thoughts on Stoneberry Credit

Stoneberry Credit is an amazing ‘buy now pay later’ facility. It is for persons who want to enjoy online credit shopping, but do not want to be stressed by repayments.


  • Stoneberry credit allows you to shop over 60,000 quality products
  • Stoneberry credit application is easy, pre-qualification is instant, and does not impact your credit score
  • The credit limit is high (up to $1,000), and gives you high spending power
  • Payments are due monthly and are as low as $5.00 per month
  • It is easy to make payments
  • Stoneberry does not charge unnecessary fees

However, one major drawback of Stoneberry Credit is that it is accepted by only a few retailers – Stoneberry and its four sister sites. Thus, if you want a credit facility that is accepted by a long list of retailers, Stoneberry Credit may not be for you.


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